The Hezen Cave Hotel in Turkey

The Cappadocia region of Turkey is characterized by the presence of caves, paths and dwellings carved from a rock. The Hezen Cave Hotel is a hotel built using old buildings and especially the caves dug into the rock walls.

The Hezen Cave Hotel has 10 rooms that have been set up in the underground spaces, but with windows and terraces that allow you to admire the spectacle of the little village and castle of Ortahisar. Besides these, you can enjoy the view of natural surroundings. The standard double room costs about 140 euros per night, breakfast included. For the deluxe, it costs about 200 euros.

Besides staying in the hotel, you can explore the churches and monasteries of Goreme, the underground city of Derinkuyu and the Melendiz River Valley, which is a small and ancient place of worship. All this can be enjoyed on foot or on horseback, or even better from the basket of a balloon.

The hotel is located about 300 km from Ankara and 75 km from Kayseri Airport.

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