The Haleakala Park in Maui


On the island of Maui in Hawaii, is a national park around a volcanic area in red and black shades. Its endemic species and all its general appearance, seems like its from “another planet”, or at least with landscape features and parameters that have little to do with what most know.

The summit area of the Haleakala park includes the area of the peak of the volcano crater, a site which is accessible by road and with surprising cinder cones, along with its arid and panoramic views. Even Haleakala is a paradise for lovers of astronomy for its clear skies and no light pollution. Its features ensure a spectacular view of the night skies. In Haleakala, there are several endemic plant and animal species. This place also houses a lot of endangered plants.

One of the strangest plants in the park is the Haleakala Silversword, an endemic and threatened species which is currently in recovery. This plant grows in the middle of volcanic ash in dry, rocky areas, where it is able to withstand extreme temperatures and strong winds.

The park is also famous for its incredible sunsets, so that hundreds of tourists are up early to watch the sunrise from the top and near the crater.

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