The Glacier that Gives a Leap in Chile


In the Aysen region in Chile, is the Queulat National Park , one of the most intact landscapes across the Patagonia with large areas still unexplored. The feeling of witnessing some of its wonders is naturally breathtaking. A good example is to observe the impressive Hanging Glacier, an ice field at the top that gives a sharp leap in the dark.

The tour of the National Park Queulat penetrates to us in areas of real “Patagonian jungle”, a landscape that seems to be part of a magical world.

Much of the park Queulat is covered by the so-called Valdivian Forest, an area densely covered with vegetation that is largely impenetrable. The Valdivian forest, receives about 4,000 mm annual rainfall, has a humid environment, and covered with moss and fungi that give an almost magical appeal.

The walk through the jungle in an area of strong rains and humidity brings the majesty of the Hanging Glacier.

The Hanging Glacier is about 1,889 meters above sea level and is part of one of the ancient ice fields of the park, glacier Queulat. In one of its limits, the ice monster faces the abyss peeling breaks of ice water, an imposing sight that only exists in few places of the world.The Queulat National Park is dominated by the Patagonian Andes, and is accessible from the highway that runs through Southern longitudinally in much of southern Chile. It is an uninhabited and unexplored area which together with the Patagonia Argentina, is one of the landscapes that is stunning and unspoiled on the planet.

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