The Giudeu Beach in Sardinia


For all lovers of the sea, nature, water sports and suntan, the beaches of Sardinia are an inevitable destination. Of course, not all are amazingly beautiful, but many of them really leave you breathless. Especially if you’re lucky enough to devote reasonable periods of time in tourism, such as the months of June and September.

One of the beaches that are not to be missed is the Giudeu. Giudeu is located in the area of Chia, south west of Cagliari, which is about 50 kilometers. The beach is located along the SS195, towards Chia and reaches the village of Setti Ballas.

Giudeu beach is considered one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean. It has long, white sand and it is also called the sea of ​​dreams. On the right side of the coast, 150 meters from the shore, lies the island of Su Giudeu, a huge rock of dark shale that “sprayed” the Mediterranean.

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