The Festival of the Silk Umbrellas in Thailand

Only nine kilometers from Chiang Mai is the city’s largest and most culturally important area in northern Thailand. This is the beautiful place of Bo Sang. Bo Sang celebrates an attractive festival: The Umbrella Festival. Bo Sang offers a yearly festival so colorful and a show worth witnessing.

One of the favorite souvenirs that travelers usually carry back to their countries are the silk umbrellas. Silk umbrellas are brightly colored, often necessary to cover from inclement weather, but generally are used to decorate the house.

The celebration is organized with the use of umbrellas and lanterns that are made ​​by craftsmen using mulberry paper and silk. During the days-long festival, craft stores run day and night and are transformed into a picturesque place, decorated with the most stunning style of Thai.

Exhibitions, performances, parades, competitions, and other shows happen at the festival. The celebration is prepared a year in advance to flood the streets of the town with magic and color. As part of the ancient kingdom of Lanna, Bo Sang has a particular character that is manifested in its beautiful temples, rice fields, traditional cottages, and the simple way of living of its people.

This village specializes in the manufacture of umbrellas, that why it is celebrated annually. The umbrellas are designed for tropical climates, as well as to resist rain. Some of the pieces are real works of art made, ​​in fine silk and painted using ancient hand techniques with colorful flower and leaf motifs.

The Umbrella Festival is a spectacle not to be missed!

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