The Feast of the Redeemer in Venice


Venice is an ideal location for those in love. The immortal city has a unique way to let you have fun and live the true Venetian tradition. A weekend that allows you to watch the spectacular fireworks is the famous Feast of the Redeemer, which is celebrated on the third Sunday in July. The Feast of the Redeemer is a traditional festival of Venice. There are a bridge of boats that are set up over the Giudecca Canal, which divides the island from rest of the city to reach the Church of the Redeemer. This is celebrated with a spectacular fireworks display at night between Saturday and Sunday. A number of typical Venetian boats will be racing the next day.

You can begin your Venetian experience on a Friday evening at Chioggia and stay overnight for two on the boat. Saturday, you will be led by a professional instructor in a course for improving your techniques of sailing at sea. This would be suitable for all those interested in this great sport. In the late afternoon, you can return to Venice to see the fireworks from the basin of San Marco, where you can dine while enjoying the wonderful view. On Sunday, you can sail to discover a hidden and beautiful lagoon, and stop the Alberoni area, near the Lido of Venice, where you can take a plunge.

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