The Fascinating Floating Town of Ganvie

Experience an exceptional trip roaming in serenity with a pirogue (canoe) that will take you to the fascinating floating village on top of a lagoon. Ganvie, a village lake in Benin is labeled as the Venice of Africa. In visiting Lake Nokoue, you will witness how locals in stilt houses and structures do their daily routine on top of a large lagoon.


Floating Town-A Living Legacy

Stilt houses found floating in Lake Nokoue was built by Tufino people sometime in sixteenth to seventeenth century. This enables to protect their tribe from being enslaved by other slave trading tribe (Dan-Homey) making the lagoon the safest place for them. The 400 year old town floating on top of a large lagoon is a living legacy of valor that brings pride to Ganvie.

The Admirable Way of Living

The main attraction of Ganvie is the town itself floating on a lake and the wonderful way of living by its people. Fishing, fish farming and tourism are the main industries of the locals. All structures including hotels and restaurants for tourist are established in Ganvie and are accessible by boat.

Lagoon Village-An Inherent Beauty

The largest village lake in Africa is Ganvie, a town in Benin. Ganvie which means: the collectivity of those who found peace at last, is a beauty which was inherited to ancient people who are blessed with the lake to safeguard them from being enslaved. The inherited splendor is now flourishing to popularity and has become an attraction to the world.


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