The Emerging Pinnacles in Borneo

Located in the state of Sarawak, 100 kilometers from the city of Miri, in the heart of the island of Borneo, is where you can find forest of Gunung Mulu. Vertical cliffs, steep slopes, a mountain rain forest, and uncommon creatures are the sufficient ingredients to make to Gunung Mulu. The combination of large caves, vast formations, and strange rock pinnacles emerge amongst the rich vegetation in the jungle of Borneo. .

It is not easy to get to Gunung Mulu. It is impossible to trek by land. You can reach this island by a 30-minute flight, or a day of sailing. However, once in the park headquarters, you can take major trips.

The cave in Sarawak is one of the largest known underground chambers on the planet. But for places that are strange, the pinnacles that emerge in the park area have little to envy in terms of geological oddities of the world.

The limestone mountains, after thousands of years eroded by rain which resulted in huge cavities, cracks and passages that are hidden under the vegetation. However, many of them have formed enormous dimensions.

The Gunung Mulu has been declared a World Heritage Site. In fact, its exuberant nature is left to shelter more than 3,500 species of vascular plants, 109 species of palms, and millions of bats in their caves.


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