The Dutch cuisine – beer and cheese

beer tasting

One of the most important countries in Europe is the Netherlands, which is still known as the Kingdom of the Netherlands, it is also one of the most popular and favorite tourist attractions. The land of the watery canals and coffee shops, land of architecture and windmill has many things to offer and most of them are sophisticated and made with great technique, dedication and love. The same can be said about the Dutch cuisine, today especially in the bigger cities in Holland you can try all the world cuisines and every threat you can imagine, but the Dutch people have many local specialties to offer.

When it comes to Netherlands and food and drinks, first thing that comes to mind is the Dutch beer, there are several of the world most famous and consumed brands of beer that have origin from the Netherlands. If you are in Amsterdam you can visit few beer museums that offer great experience and unforgettable moments.  There are also many small local breweries in the cities and many pubs that offer great variety of beers. If you are already in a pub and drinking beer, one of the best things to eat with it are the Dutch cheeses.


The Dutch are known for their farms that are almost similar to those in the children stories, beautiful black and white cows on lush green fields are the sources of milk for the Dutch cheese. There are many varieties of cheese and they come from cow, sheep or goat milk or from mixture. There are tours dedicated to cheese including visits of farms, while in the bigger cities there are specialized stores for cheese only, where you can try the cheese before you buy it, there are also gift packs.

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