The diverse Venezuela


Venezuela is located country on the north of the South American continent at the coast of Atlantic ocean, it is a country with great biodiversity, on the west side of the country are located the Andes while on the south is the Amazon Basin and its rainforest and in the east is the Orinoco river and its delta. Because of this there is an abundant flora and fauna, with many unique animals to see, like the Amazon River dolphins, manatees and the Orinoco crocodiles, jaguars in the rainforests and cloud forests, there are also many thousands species of orchids in the forests, which are spectacular and endemic.

Venezuela, although it has great resources, especially of oil, is not really well developed and standards are not that good, however there are many spectacular things to visit in the country. The country western side is where the Andes are, there are great for those that like to go on hiking, those who enjoy nature, there are many waterfalls and rivers in the region and beautiful forests. The capital city of Caracas is one of the main tourist attractions, it is the political center of the country and there are many famous South American people born in the city, the city has a cable car that heads to the mountain and it offers spectacular sights of the city.


If you get tired from sightseeing in the cities or wandering in the rainforest, head to the island of Margarita, north of the Atlantic coast of the country. This is a tropic island with many beautiful beaches and clear waters, where you can go for sunbathing, swimming, diving and snorkeling, windsurfing and other watersports.  Another interesting location is the Los Roques archipelago where you can do many water sports, observe bird and wildlife or go fishing. Venezuela has great potentials that are yet to be explored and presented to the world, so you won’t regret if you visit it.

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