The Darwinian Litchfield National Park

The Darwinian Litchfield National Park is to love. There is no doubt to the natural wonders that it offers its visitors. Most importantly, it represents the possibility of an easy and convenient getaway, maybe for the weekend. The Litchfield National Park, in fact, is reached by an hour and a half’s drive, along the Stuart Highway (one of the Road Train), the legendary Highway leading south, and also to Uluru (with a detour halfway).

Not only is it easy to reach, but it is also easy to visit as you don’t have to be Indiana Jones to get under the three waterfalls (Florence, Tolmer and Wangi Falls), to walk along the rapids of Bluey Rockhole. Or, to take a picture of the shadow of the giant termite mound.

The Darwinian Litchfield National Park is also called the marine crocodile park. Yes, because the crocodiles in this part of the world have a nasty habit of leaving freshwater, to venture into the sea. This makes swimming in the sea difficult, if not dangerous.



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