The Crack that Allows Pristine Diving Between Two Continents in Iceland


The crack of Silfra is the only place where the division of the tectonic plates of Eurasia and America is visible above the ocean surface. The crack is located within the Thingvellir National Park, and is covered with an incredibly transparent water, that leaves anyone speechless to those who dares to experience diving or snorkeling in it.

The incredible clarity of the water in the crack of Silfra is almost frozen and does not exceed 4┬║ C even in summer. This is mostly because it is meltwater from a glacier traveling through a lava field, leading to real natural pools.

Diving in the crack is done with dry suits. The water in these cracks is so pure and clear, that you can drink it at any time.

The crack of Silfra has 3 sections and there are several agencies that offer days of diving at the site. Exploring the crack, you can reach depths of up to 18 meters, slightly driven by a stream caused by groundwater wells.

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