The Corripo Village in Switzerland


Corippo is in Locarno in Switzerland. It’s basically a bunch of gray stone houses and black slate roofs in the slopes of the mountain. The image of this charming village does not stop anyone to wonder. Why? This is because the village is inhabited by 12 people only. Corripo was declared the smallest municipality in Switzerland.

Corippo is located in the Valle Verzasca, Locarno, 12 kilometers north of the Lake Vogorno. Close to this charming town, you come to the border with Italy (20 km).

The rustic houses, for that matter, are built with beautiful local granite called Ticino. The houses are still maintained the same as they looked several centuries ago. The Church of the Blessed Virgin Annunciata in the 17th century was so exquisite, that it had to be protected as a World Heritage Site. The title was given in 1975.

So hard to reach, the decline in its population has always been one of the biggest problems here. The bulk of the population loss has occurred in the last 150 years when it lost 94% of the total.

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