The City of Bridges in China



This ancient town is north of China, within the confines of the city of Tongxiang. Locals refer to it as “the City of Bridges”. The whole area is marked by the brown waters of the river, the gabled roofs, gray walls of rock and green foliage, protruding from the sky that is almost always foggy. The landscape here takes us back to the past and envelops us with warmth.

This town lies within the triangle formed by the cities of Hangzhou, Suzhou and Shanghai and is considered one of the six ancient towns that formed, with the Yangtze River as a witness. Such a title is due to two thousand years of history that are condensed in the figures of stone bridges arching over the stream, bypassing the gentle stream that meanders below.

Passing the bridges connecting the banks, you get into beautiful cobbled streets guarded by wooden walls carved with amazing detail.




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