The Chatuchak Market in Bangkok


If there is a city in Asia where costs are not blowing the budget for purchases, this is, without doubt, Bangkok. Even Lady Gaga who just landed in the Thai capital recently, created a media storm when she tweeted about the desire of purchasing a fake Rolex.

Well, who has not heard of the weekend market in Chatuchak (or JJ’s for the locals) and its nearly 15,000 stalls? Chatuchak is a universe where visitors and locals come to shop, eat, get a massage or a drink. It is good way to spend the day and see the best of Bangkok, which is concentrated in its 27 sections.┬áHere, you can find almost everything: clothes, household items, body oils, animals, furniture and local art.

To get there, take the subway to Kamphaeng Phet Station, Exit 2 leaves you in the center of the market. Slip by section 26 and zigzags up the first cross street. Keep going until you can turn right and you’ve reached the area of the dishes.

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