The Carnival in Venice

Leave all plans for any other holidays, and begin to plan a participation to one of the most fun holidays of the year, the Carnival. It is still possible to reserve a front row seat for the various initiatives and the many events of the Carnival of Venice.

This year’s theme  is, “Life is a theater! It’s time to get masked!” The central stage was at the Piazza San Marco where they placed the “Grand Theatre”, which is a spectacular scenic theater that plays the big machines of the past. The event gives you a nostalgic feeling of the Victorian era. The celebration is full of life and color. The celebration lasts for weeks, and there are parties left and right.

To inaugurate the Carnival of Venice, there was a “Toast to the Grand Fountain of Wine” The program was held last February 4 to 18. Although you’ve missed this year’s festivity, there’s always next year to attend the Mardi Gras.

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