The Black and White Deserts of Egypt

Located 45 miles north of the oasis of Farafra , west of Egypt, is the White Desert . The desert has a creamy white color, and is dotted with huge rock formations of “chalk” shaped by sandstorms in the area. The white desert is accompanied not far from the black desert.

The landscape of the White Desert allows us to walk from the monumental sculptures of limestone, which is an incredible experience. This is most amazing especially if we schedule our visit on a sunset with sun rays caressing the white pillars that seem to emerge from the sand

The black desert is very close to the White Desert. The Black Desert is located just 150 kilometers from Farafra, an uninhabited area and only receives visitors who take contract package travel to the oasis of Farafra. The White Desert is much more smaller than the Black Desert. The Black Desert’s land is brownish-orange, and less black. The Black Desert is mostly seen in the pinnacles of the hills. It seems like a landscape from another planet.

The desert is dotted with volcanoes and mountains that are like covered with black rocks. Both one and the other desert excursions are generally performed on 4 × 4. The starting point is generally Farafra, a small town and oasis inhabited mainly by local Bedouins.

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