The Beautiful Islands of Vanuatu

Vanuatu , one of the many former European colonies in the Pacific, has been independent since 1980. Vanuatu has a handful of islands of volcanic origin, that were thrown into the Pacific Ocean, close to 1,800 kilometers east on the of coast of Queensland in Australia.

In Vanuatu, you can enjoy the small islands and head to the Eratap Beach Resort on the southern coast of the most populous island: the island of Efate. The resort is located 20 minutes from Port Vila, the capital of the small state. If you desire for a luxurious trip, this place has 12 exclusive villas that are completely independent. Each villa has its own ocean view.

To get to this wonderful island, you can try any one of the flights offered by Air France, Air New Zealand, Air Pacific, Pacific Blue, as well as the Air Vanuatu, with regular connections from Australia and New Zealand.

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