The beautiful headland at the Black sea

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At the east northern part of Bulgaria, at the coasts of the Black Sea there is the magnificent and narrow headland Kaliakra. Its name is derived from two Hellenic words and it can be translated as “the beautiful headland”. There is also a belief that it was named by a beautiful girl who in order to escape from her persecutors, jumped over the cliff. The place is a natural environment for many species of birds, amongst which cormorants, but also dolphins and pinnipeds can be seen. Its location is on the Via Pontica, which is a large bird migration path, so a lot of migrant and rare birds are seen here.

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There is an ancient fortress, used by the many civilizations that have passed hereby. Also present here are many sites of ancient remnants. A small museum of history is built, and there is possibility to learn all about the region in the ages, there is a restaurant and a café near the museum. Furthermore there is an attractive marine lighthouse and nearby is the chapel of St. Nicholas. Descending lower, in a part of the fortress, is a cave. A restaurant has been made here, with unique atmosphere.

Nearby is the DurankulakLake which is home to more than 260 endangered and rare species, amphibians, reptiles, marsh birds and fish. This is a protected area, and it is the destination for many experts and tourists. Near the Cape Kaliakra is the biggest coastal city in Bulgaria, the city of Varna. Varna has the finest restaurants and hotelsin the country, there is quite diverse nightlife. In between Kaliakra and Varna there are also many coastal resorts with sandy beaches, many hotels, restaurants and night clubs, such is the Golden Sands.

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