The Baboons in Zimbabwe


Apart from the widespread corruptions, AIDS and other diseases, there is one issue that Zimbabwe has to tackle. The problem is an increase of baboons in the country that can play tricks the tourists. There are quite a number of baboons between the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia that are infamous fr attacking the tourists. According to certain reports, there is an influx of the beast that snatches and loots items from cars and even from the border post. Locals in the area feel the situation is getting out of hand, and some solution has to be found soon.

In some cases, monkeys even have injures travelers. The authorities do warn tourists that baboons may slap or bite back if they attempt to fight back. They would destroy everything that would hinder them from getting food.

Authorities find it hard to contain baboons due to its size and they act like humans. Baboons can smell food in the truck and they gather around to a point that it is hard to control them. They can also trick people. Unfortunately in Zambia baboons are considered as delicacy. Baboons are killed right away when the locals see them. Baboons are very common in East Africa, they normally know how to interact with people since they can adapt to the environment. They also can live in a wide variety of dwellings.


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