The Archaeological Site of Zvartnots


Tiridates III, king of Armenia at the turn of the third and fourth centuries AD (contemporary of Diocletian), had fallen into profound illness, from which no doctor could cure him. At that juncture, the king’s sister had a dream, in which she encounters the mystical healing powers of Gregory. After much insistence of his sister, Tiridates agreed to meet Gregory, who interceded and healed him.

About 3 centuries after this meeting, the ruler who declared Christianity the official religion of Armenia and St. Gregory the Illuminator, founder and patron saint of the Armenian Apostolic Church, built a magnificent cathedral. This was called the Cathedral of St. Gregory.

The Cathedral was destroyed by an earthquake in 930, and was buried under the stones until the early twentieth century. When the  excavations, they found the remains of the royal palace. Today, the archaeological site of Zvartnots is considered world heritage site.

The archaeological site of Zvartnots is less than 20 kilometers from the center of Yerevan, the capital of Armenia.

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