Takayama, A Memory of Ancient Japan



For travelers, Japan could be a complex place to travel because the country presents to you two contrasting sides. There is one Japan which is modern and it has a megalopolis with skyscrapers in the clouds where thousands of people walk briskly through the streets. Then there’s another Japan with smaller towns and smaller cities, where tradition resists, giving them a unique charm. Takayama is a such a nice a place that’s rich of history.

This region has been occupied by man for centuries, giving a very beautiful mountain environment in which nearly 100,000 people inhabit today—enjoying its exuberant nature . Travelers who come here get to see the ancient Japan. If you happen to be here, you can also visit the “typical Hida village” where are the views of the mountain villages of Shirakawa Valley. These typical houses  of the XVII, XVIII and XIX century have these ceilings that are so striking.

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