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Improve Communication in Your Workplace


A fully functional workplace is a happy and efficient one. When everything is running smoothly, deadlines are met and people feel that their contributions are really making a difference for the organization. However, when communication suffers, efficiency does, too. It can even adversely affect morale.


Here are some tips that will help to improve any communication issues in your workplace:


Answer Your E-Mail and Instant Messages

Any given day can get incredibly busy and it can be difficult to fulfill all of your obligations. However, failing to keep on top of your e-mail and instant messages does both your co-workers and clients a disservice. They may even interpret it as a lack of respect.


Be Open to Input

Employees can sometimes easily see areas that require improvement in order to increase productivity. However, if their supervisors have not cultivated an atmosphere where people feel free to share such information, chances are they will not. Be open to suggestions, and even criticism, from others.


Encourage Employee Interaction

People can be articulate and professional in the office, while never really establishing a rapport. Have everyone operate in a relaxed atmosphere that allows them to let down their hair and talk openly about their lives. This can lead to bonding and friendship that makes the work experience more rewarding and effective. Doing things as a team can also help in this area.


Make It Official

For communications involving policy or other areas where there is no margin for error, put it in writing and make that document easily accessible for anyone to see.


Make Everyone Feel Welcome

Not everyone is super outgoing. In fact, introverted employees may feel intimidated and not contribute to discussions. You can help them out by making sure they become involved. Try to keep in mind that not everyone has the same personality type.