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Traveling to Mozambique



“White sand beaches, dunes, crystal clear sea where colorful fish swim in the reef”.

No, we’re not talking about an island in the Caribbean, but about one of the most beautiful regions of Africa, Mozambique. Particularly in recent years there has been a lot of development in the field of eco-tourism and beautiful luxury resorts camouflaged in the forest.

The country, located in the southeastern part of Africa, consists of more than three thousand kilometers of coastline, plus many islands that are reflected in the turquoise waters of the Mozambique Channel. The best islands, from the point of view of a tourist in particular are: Benguerra, Bazaruto and Quirimbas where the best hotels and resorts are surrounded by beautiful landscapes.

The Ila de Mocambique in the north, has been for more than four centuries, the state capital and what’s more, its’ wonderful archaeological sites have been declared as a World Heritage by UNESCO. The modern capital, Maputo, is full of colonial buildings and wide avenues, while other major cities of the country are Beira, the seat of commerce and Pemba which are lively and cheerful.




The Beautiful Islands of Cape Verde



The archipelago of Cape Verde consists of 10 islands and several islets and is located off the Senegalese coast. The clear waters and white sandy beaches of Cape Verde attract many tourists from all over the world.

The largest islands of the archipelago are 10. Santiago and its capital, Praia, Boa Vista and Sal are the most popular. Here you can find more tourist facilities. The capital of the archipelago is the Praia, located in the volcanic Santiago, the largest island of the group. Even in the capital, the pace is slow, and there lies the heart of the islands nightlife with musical events and dances. Within walking distance of Praia is the Cidade Velha, the first colonial city that was built in the tropics, which is now a world heritage of UNESCO. Most monuments are restored or are in the final stage of maintenance.

Sao Antao, the second largest island of Cape Verde is the most westerly island of the cluster and the greenest of them all. It is characterized by the mountain Pico da Krouth that has 1585 meters of altitude, steep canyons, mountains, huge rocks, wooded slopes and small fishing villages on the edge of the cliff, like the Fontainhas. The island of Sal, one of the few flat islands of Cape Verde and especially the white tropical beach of Santa Maria, is an important ecosystem and hundreds of sea turtles come here to hatch their eggs. Apart from that, it is one of the most ideal spots in the world for windsurfing and kite surfing.





The Dong Tradition in China


According to a tradition of Dong ethnic group in China, the birth of a child is celebrated for the arrival of a new member to the family. Thus, they plant a fir tree. When this child becomes an adult, he proceeds to cut the tree to build the timber into a new home for his young. The relationship between the Dong community and the use of wood has reached levels that could even classify as an art, including a bridge that is almost one hundred years. It is supported on piles of rock without using any nails or rivets.

Renowned for their ability to build with wood, dong bridges are examples of admirable architectural style. Almost as in a lost world or stories, some of the dong masterpieces are protected as by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

One of the best spots to see the traditional dong people is in the area of Chengyang in Guangxi, which is four hours from Guilin. In the area, remain several villages (the most visited are Ma’an Pingzhai, Yanzhai, Chengyang Dazhai, Pingpu, Pingtan, Jichang and Guangdong) which seem to have not been too aware of the changing modern world.

The majority settled in the province of Guangxi. The Dong people are not very numerous. There are only about 30 homes on average, always built in wood and with no more than two floors. Dong traditions have deployed over thousands of years a completely sustainable way of life, hand in hand with agriculture.



The Mud Volcanoes in Gobustan National Park


It is estimated that over 300 of the 700 mud volcanoes in the world are found in Azerbaijan. Most of them are found within the Gobustan National Park. The Gobustan National Park is a destination for trekkers and ordinary tourists who happily wallow in the mud, in the belief (or hope) of their healing properties.

The mud volcanoes can be high from a few centimeters to several meters. There is no volcanic activity, but this does not mean that there is no need to pay attention.

The Gobustan National Park Gobustan is protected by UNESCO, as well as for its natural value. The park is also admired by historians because of over 600,000 representations of primitive men, animals, battles, dances, rituals, boats, caravans of camels, and astronomical subjects, mostly dating back between 5,000 and 20,000 years ago.


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The Phong Na-Khe Bang National Park

The largest cave in the world is called Dong Soo found in the Vietnamese National Park. The Vietnamese National Park is located in Phong Na-Khe Bang.

Dong Soo is hidden under a large forest, which makes it almost inaccessible. It is 4.5 km long and 80 meters high, and has towering limestone stalagmites.

The Phong Na-Khe Bang National Park is a UNESCO heritage site. It is rich in caves, and is located 50 km north of Dong Hoi, the nearest town with an airport; and 500km from Hanoi.

The tour operator, Trails in the World, offers a package in this area of northern Vietnam. Tourists can embark on a 14-day journey beyond the tourist circuits; trekking with visits to the valleys and picturesque villages that are home to ethnic minorities; and then visit the Phong Na-Khe Bang park on foot and by bicycle.

If you prefer to rely on a local tour operator, the trip can be a bit more adventurous in the local traditions The Planks, based in Hanoi, offers a package that costs the equivalent of 20% less with the added opportunity to visit the caves of Park in a kayak. Among other things, The Planks also provides excursions to discover the life in the countryside, visiting markets and monuments of the city’s most traditional, and short cruises in the bay where the film “Indochina” was shot.


The Tower of Babel Made of Books in Buenos Aires

Last year, UNESCO endorsed Buenos Aires as the World Book Capital. To commemorate the event, Marta Minujín decided to give a shape to the Tower of Babel made of Books in Plaza San Martín in Bueons Aires. This was in clear reference to The Library of Babel by Jorge Luis Borges.

You can go in groups of 15 people at a time and the you will be accompanied by a background sound that repeats the word book in several languages ​​of the world. The installation open at 10 am and lasts till 10 pm. Admission is free.



The Best Spots in South Korea

From the bustle of the city to the tranquility of the destinations away from civilization in South Korea, this place has some of the most varied and beautiful attractions in Asia.

Jongmyo: ancient culture

The cultural value of this incredible destination has given one of the appointments of UNESCO in the world, considered one of the most amazing places on the planet. Jongmyo is also a destination where ancient wisdom permeates every corner. The construction of this place took place in the fourteenth century. But it was in 1601 that there was total restoration. Since then, the magnificent architecture of the place has not returned to play. Cultural and traditionally it is a place of historic preservation and that is why tourists choose it every year to discover in its testimony and all the charm of ancestral generations. Along with Jongmyo, there are other cultural sites within South Korea. Places like the Seokguram Grotto and Bulguksa. Both are also listed by UNESCO as cultural sites, representing some of the most memorable ancient villages of the region. The temples and architecture on the facade show all the qualities of these destinations that take us directly to the past of acivilization rich in knowledge and traditions .

The beautiful island of Jeju and national parks

In addition to the major cities in Japan, this destination also has incredible natural landscapes, as in the case of one of the most picturesque and unique islands in the region. Stunning waterfalls and lush vegetation are some of the things that make up this stunning landscape . The flowers and plants and their wonderful colors complement the landscape of the island, where beauty is found in every corner. Jeju island is one of the most popular destinations from across the country. People arriving from Seoul and travelers come to discover themselves all the natural charm of this place that seems to embellish each year.