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Spectacular Tourist Attraction in England

Lee Valley Regional Park

Lee Valley Regional Park is one of the famous tourist attractions in England.  The park is 26mi long and covering around 10,000 acres. The award-winning Regional Park offers visitors a vast area to explore.  The park is expanded its way all through the banks of famous River Lee from Essex through Hertfordshire and to Thames, which offers unique experience for every visitor with its special mix of leisure and sport destinations, gardens, heritage sites, riverside trails and nature reserves.  The sports lovers can enjoy golf, horse riding, ice skating, fishing, walking, cycling, water sports, bird watching, camping, climbing, caravanning and exploring the heritage sites and garden. Lee valley Regional Park offers fun filled entertainment for all, kids and adults can enjoy the park equally.


Biddenden Vineyards

Biddenden Vineyard is one of the oldest Kent’s commercial vineyards. This amazing vineyard was harvested by Barnes family in the year 1969. These vineyards are stretched in 22 acres on south slope in shallow-sheltered valley; it stretched 1.2mi from Wealden village at Biddenden.  Here you can find 10 different varieties of grapes, which produces, Red, white, quality sparkling and rose wines.  Kent’s traditional ciders are also made here; these special ciders have been made for around 20 years, made with farm hard-pressed apple juices.


Visitors can take a long walk along twenty two acre vineyard, they can also watch as well participate in wine pressing, take pleasure in tasting the fresh wine and many such other things , the trip to vineyards gives you most amazing and unique experience, it is something atypical trip from routine, take a pleasure trip and enjoy the lovely Biddenden vineyards.

There are many such activities and attraction are available in England. The country offers unique experience and variety of entertainment to one and all. Don’t forget to visit these exclusive places when you visit the elegant England.


Manmade Wonders in UK

Plan a Trip to Europe, UK offers you l amazing places and you will get to see the spicy European culture and traditions where ever you go. United Kingdom offers outstanding holiday destinations.  Also it offers manmade wonders and natural attractions. The country is proud of its rich culture and history. Visitors love to visit this special place on earth for its amazingly beautiful and fun fulfilled attractions.


Facts of Warwick Castle

Warwick castle is one of the most visited and famous attractions in UK, it is the terrain of Britain’s utmost medieval experience.  It was built for William the subjugator who invaded England, after two year of his invasion that is in 1068 the castle was built and it was a domicile to the Earls of Warwick.

Inside the castle, it displays living history of famous tournaments, archery displays, and also musicians and jesters playing conventional instruments. Visitors can explore various historic displays and wax sculptures inside the castle.  The exiting ghost stories may make you visit this castle, it has been said that Sir Fulke Grevilles soul is still roaming in the castle after he got killed by the servants of James in 1604. Don’t forget to visit the exiting Ghosts Alive-exhibition!!!


Facts of Dudley’s limestone Caves

Dudley caves are manmade wonders of UK, these amazing limestone caves were made in the eighteenth century.  The Dudley Caves were incised by mining industry, moving one thousand tons of limestone every week, where it was used to take off the impurity from iron-ore.  To make these caves they put more hard work and labored a lot, in the year 1853 around 41,000 boats transported limestone through tunnels. To move the boats in narrow tunnels was very hard and the miners used their feet to propel the boat.

Currently, these caves are one of the famous tourist spot and they are used for weddings, concerts and also for ghost tours. Enjoy visiting these manmade wonder of UK and make friends with the GHOSTS!!!


5 Camping Spots in the UK

A wonderful experience with nature can be had in the United Kingdom’s picturesque countryside and expansive outdoor spaces by taking a camping holiday. Avid campers can find many ideal camping spots around the UK. Here are five of the best sites for campers:

Riverside Caravan Park

Campers can enjoy a comfortable experience in this Stratford-upon-Avon parkland. Wooden camping snugs provide the perfect accommodation, and each unit can fit up to four people. Campers are provided amenities like comfortable beds, a small refrigerator and a picnic table. The parkland also offers views of spacious green meadows, river boating opportunities and a playground for children.

Roadford Lake Campsite

Campers can journey to the southwestern portion of England to find this campsite situated along a beautiful lake. Popular activities include kayaking, surf skiing and archery. The area also features walking trails and plenty of ideal picnic spots. The campsite is also equipped with facilities to accommodate disabled visitors.

Talywerydd Touring and Camping Park

This popular campground in the western region of Wales is suited for couples and families. Campers can enjoy gorgeous seaside views and heavenly sunsets as they connect with the wonders of nature. An electric grass pitch with a power hook-up can be reserved for campers to stay at while camping in their vehicles or tents.

Balgair Castle Holiday Park

Campers in Scotland can have a pleasant stay at one of the country’s most popular camp sites. Swimming, golfing and cycling are popular activities to enjoy in this serene parkland. A visit to the nearby Culcreuth Castle can provide the perfect added touch to a camping holiday. Amenities at the campsite include a toilet block, public showers and a launderette.

Drumhoney Holiday Park

People visiting the main tourist section of County Fermanagh in Northern Ireland can find refuge in this peaceful parkland. Campers can use a tent or stay in one of the local lodging facilities. Cycling and fishing are ideal activities for campers to try during their stay.

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The Eight Wonders of Isle Of Wight

The Isle of Wight is England’s largest island separated from the mainland by the Solent Strait and lying off the south coast of the county of Hampshire. This diamond-shaped island is the second smallest county in England spreading over 23 miles by 13 miles in length and width. Small it may be in size but the Isle of Wight has some spectacular places to see and exotic wildlife to explore, making it one of the most sought-after holiday islands in Britain.

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