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The World’s Largest Toilet in Ichihara City, Japan


In Ichihara City, about 70 kilometers from Tokyo (across the bay), opened the world’s largest public restroom, with the specific intent of creating a tourist attraction.

The $125,000 toilet is made for women only. The toilet is  just outside the train station, which was designed by Sou Fujimoto, a noted architect, who said he had fun designing this attraction.

The structure, which occupies a total area of 200 square meters, was constructed to give the toilet user, a 360 degree view of a garden filled with vases of flowers. Then, to protect the privacy of the user, a wall of two meters high was erected, for protection from prying eyes.

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The Sky Tree in Tokyo

Sky Tree, the tallest tower in Tokyo, was completed.  Journalists have already climbed the 634 metered tower, and beginning next week, from May 22, the tower will be open to the public.

Even if the tower was built to improve the signal quality of the major television stations in the country, the structure is not without its appeal to the public. This is the Tembo gallery, a rooftop terrace at 450 meters. The Tembo Deck, another vantage point at 350 meters in all glass, allows a 360 ° view of the city, also has a restaurant, a cafe and a shop. It also has two floors that is dedicated to shopping.

To get there, you need to take public transportation for 2,000 yen to get to the 350 meters of the Tembo Deck; another 1,000 yen to get to 450 meters to get to the Tembo tunnel for a better visibility.


The District of Shibuya in Tokyo

The district of Shibuya is one of the most famous neighborhoods of the capital. It is known for the great mass of young boys and girls who crowd the streets for its trendy shops. The district of Shibuya is also a crossroads for the world’s most photographed, and a the perfect place for hotels and night clubs that animate the nightlife.

Shibuya Crossing, across the station of the same name , is a “scramble crossing”, where it stops traffic vehicle, stops coming from any direction, and pedestrians can cross the streets in any direction, even diagonally. Shibuya has developed especially in the last 30 years, in the wake of some shopping malls and fashion stores. Perhaps the most famous of all is the 109, where there are about 100 fashion stores in all of its 10 floors. This served as the backdrop to the emergence of some urban culture, such as Kogal.


Ginza: The World’s Most Expensive Area

When traveling to Tokyo, it is impossible not to visit the cosmopolitan of Japan. This is the district of Ginza, located in the district of Shinjuku.

The name Ginza means “place of silver” and several centuries ago, it used to be a swampy, sparsely populated territory. Today, it is famous for the concentration of department stores, boutiques, and expensive restaurants.

In 1872, urbanization was destroyed by fire and the rebuilding of this area was given to the English architect, Thomas Waters, who proposed to construct buildings of two and three stories. He also proposed to construct a shopping promenade on the street to link Shinbashi with the Kyobashi bridge. Today, small buildings have given way to modern and impressive skyscrapers belonging to various corporate centers and  transnational companies such as Sony. Once you enter the Sony building, you’ll love to see samples of the latest audio, video, camera, play station, and other cutting-edge electronic products.

If you love shopping, this will be paradise for you. The place is considered the most exclusive in Japan and one of the most expensive in the world, so make sure you bring a lot of cash. Can you believe that the price per square meter of land is 10 million Yen or € 70,000 euros?

Check out the Wako store, where the iconic watch of your building will impact you. You must check out stores like Mitsukoshi, Takashimaya, Matsuya, Printemps, Seibu, and Hankyu where you will see a wide selection of exclusive items.

As you walk through this area, you may feel like you are walking in the streets of Europe.

At night, you’ll find lots of partying in bars, clubs, nightclubs, and cabarets that are illuminated by neon lights and giant multicoloed screens.



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Tokyo, a generous megalopolis

It may seem impenetrable at first, but those who take the time to visit Tokyo will never regret it. A highly modern city full of life, Tokyo has many treasures, starting with its museums, parks and temples.

The city is a megalopolis which has more than 33 million inhabitants in its metropolitan area. It stands on the Pacific coast of Honshu, the largest of the Japanese islands. From 1590, it became the capital of the shoguns and was known as Edo until 1868, the year that marked the return of the Emperor of Japan in power.

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