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Places to See in Liechtenstein


When you are planning to visit Switzerland, you might want to allot time and check out Liechtenstein. This is a small German speaking country with mountain scenery that shouldn’t be ignored by tourists. There are many who would find Vaduz to be a perfect trip for those quiet getaways. Vaduz is the capital of Liechtenstein and make it the base if you want to explore the country. This capital doesn’t boast much when it comes to architecture but the surrounding Alps makes up for it.

Perhaps Vaduz’s main highlight is the imposing Schloss Vaduz Castle which stands out from above the hill. Unfortunately tourists are not allowed to enter and explore its interior because the castle is still used as a royal residence. It is still worth going up the hill and strolling around its perimeter if you want to see the stunning city below. There is no doubt that Vaduz is meant for walking. You can explore the capital by just walking around by foot. If you walk around its streets, you can find different museums like the Ski Museum, the Postage Stamp Museum and the National Museum.

The biggest museum is called the Kunst Museum which is displaying the art works of masters like Rembrandt among others. Vaduz is also a place that boosts vineyards which means you can find good bottles of wine. The most popular is Prince’s Wine Cellars where you can taste the best wines. Additionally, you can also find the lovely resort of Malbun. Hikers and sporting enthusiasts would simply love the place. It is cheap and less crowded compared to other nearby resorts. This is appealing to some visitors who want peace. Feldkirch is an historic Austrian town 15 minutes from Vaduz, which is the perfect place to turn back pages of history.





The Transparent River in Switzerland



Via Digg: another beauty in the planet that proves that mother nature has so much more to offer. The Via Digg is situated in the Verzasca, which is a mountain river of 30 km and famous for its clear and turquoise waters.

It is a popular spot for diving enthusiasts, as it has sections of up to 10 meters deep. Of course, the water is a little cold.

Its view is majestic in almost every time of the day. Check out the pictures below:


The Corripo Village in Switzerland


Corippo is in Locarno in Switzerland. It’s basically a bunch of gray stone houses and black slate roofs in the slopes of the mountain. The image of this charming village does not stop anyone to wonder. Why? This is because the village is inhabited by 12 people only. Corripo was declared the smallest municipality in Switzerland.

Corippo is located in the Valle Verzasca, Locarno, 12 kilometers north of the Lake Vogorno. Close to this charming town, you come to the border with Italy (20 km).

The rustic houses, for that matter, are built with beautiful local granite called Ticino. The houses are still maintained the same as they looked several centuries ago. The Church of the Blessed Virgin Annunciata in the 17th century was so exquisite, that it had to be protected as a World Heritage Site. The title was given in 1975.

So hard to reach, the decline in its population has always been one of the biggest problems here. The bulk of the population loss has occurred in the last 150 years when it lost 94% of the total.


A Steep Valley with 72 Waterfalls in Switzerland


A valley in “U” is a steep valley, walled by cliffs giants in high mountain areas. In Switzerland, it is expected that there are many postcard valleys.

But perhaps, few can combine as many elements that make it great as the Lauterbrunnen Valley. In the Lauterbrunnen Valley, there is a total of 72 waterfalls that cascade into it. Some impressive sound for a valley carpeted with alpine meadows and mountain inns in the heart of one of the reserves in Switzerland.

Even among the waterfalls, it includes one of the most impressive of all Europe (Staubbachfall), with a 300-meter drop next to a towering rock wall.


Stay in an Igloo at Zermatt

Looking for a different kind of adventure? Want to do something that you’ve never done before? Then, try Zermatt. Zermatt is located at the foot of the Matterhorn in the Alps of southern Switzerland, at 2700 meters above sea level.
The magnificent panorama provides the perfect environment for an unforgettable experience with an overnight stay in an igloo. The experience, for six people, includes a stay at Zermatt igloo village, where accommodation is provided in real rooms with ice. 



The Mystery Park in Switzerland



The Jungfrau Park or the Mystery Park is located in Interlaken, Switzerland. In this park, you can enter into the mysteries and riddles of our world. With seven thematic pavilions and multimedia scenography, Mystery Park promises a strong stride of emotions. It will make us relive the best mysteries.


We can discover interesting notions about starships of the Indians, and even the large pyramids built by higher beings. Or maybe answer questions like, “Why were the Mayan astronomers so brilliant?” “What will happen this 2012?” “Will the world end?” “Is the Stonehenge the time machine of the high priests?” “What about the mystery of the pictograms in Peru?” “Are marine depths formations or ruins of ancient cities?” So many questions, yet you must not expect answers to everything, because, you know, that’s the mystery.


You can also admire a collection of meteorites from over 70 countries and understand alien life.  A mix of science, science fiction, and mysteries of lost civilizations which will certainly help broaden our knowledge and curiosity about the mysteries of our planet and civilization. Surely, our children will find many useful things for their desire for knowledge and entertainment. Indeed, a new and interesting way to spend our day!