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Enjoy Cozy Vacation at Edinburgh, Scotland

Scotland is the gorgeous country with glorious landscapes, historic castles, and scenic Islands.  Spend a splendid vacation at Scotland and forget all your worries. It captivates you in many ways, you can rent a holiday cottage, or converted barn that gives the country-stay feeling, the new way of spending your quality time. There are many beautiful tourist destinations are there in Scotland but Edinburgh is exceptional among them.


Journey to opulent Edinburgh

It is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. It is also considered as the leader in academic excellence and cultural for centuries, the beautiful ever blooming and elegant Edinburgh is worth spending wonderful moments with family.  The stylish city is magnificent and reflects the lavishness and comfort and the tourists get a VIP experience during their stay at Edinburgh the Capital of Scotland. Tourist can enjoy more proclamation benefits as the city offers special treatment and design a guide that can help them to figure out the best and important place to make their trip comfortable and memorable.


The city proudly represents the annual festivals of comprehensive calendar and other associated events. Also displays rich and vibrant culture and mainly it attracts tourists with its amazing beauty and make them feel comfortable during their stay in the city.

Edinburgh -Tourist Attractions

People from all over the world who visited the city agree that Edinburgh is a must see city in Scotland. By visiting the Edinburgh you will get complete satisfactory vacation that you are longing to have from long time.  The city offers exclusive attraction to the tourists that include 20 paid attractions and 20 free attractions. The Waterfront of Edinburg, Pentland Hills and backdrop of Arthur-Seat make the city as special tourist destination.  Just in a day you can cover all the major places in the city. Explore and enjoy the elegant Edinburgh.


Traveling to Dunbar



For those who believe that in the UK the sky will always be cloudy, we suggest visiting the town of Dunbar, Scotland, just 28 miles east of Edinburgh, and some 30 minutes by car.

Dunbar is one of the most historic cities in the region. On your visit, we recommend you to see the castle, situated on the Costa Victoria, or the Bellhaven Brewery, which is the oldest bar in Scotland.

If you are looking for a place to spend the night, you can stay at the Linton Hotel. Linton Hotel is a small hotel of 38 rooms, and is one of the most popular for its quality accommodation. Inside the hotel, you can find an interesting gallery of local artists on the ground floor.



The Lost World of the Faroe IslandsThe Lost World of the Faroe Islands


Cities and towns in the Faroe Islands seem like what we’ve heard on tales. The houses have pitched roofs covered with grass to keep out the weather, wind and moisture. Thus, the roofs vary in hue depending on time of year, from brown in autumn, white in winter, and bright green in spring and summer. In addition, the landscape of rugged coastlines and cliffs eroded along with a temperate climate, making it comparable to a lost world :

The Faroe Islands are located in the North Atlantic between Scotland and Iceland, and constitute an autonomous region within the Kingdom of Denmark . The archipelago, with numerous islands, is a rocky land with steep slopes, which is usually wrapped in thick fog.

Sadly, the Faroe Islands at times tend to be more on the news on the tradition of slaughtering whales and pilot whales, than the unquestionable attraction of the landscapes and places.

The Island of the Pillars in Scotland

On the west coast of Scotland, lies a small island formed entirely by pillars. Although it seems a work by some “intelligent creature”, it is actually a magnificent work of nature, formed by geological processes similar to those that shaped the Giants Causeway in Ireland or the Monument Devils Postpile , a walkway in the middle of forest in California , USA .

We are talking about Staffa Island, belonging to the Hebrides . The pillars that make up the island, looking out, reach 42 meters above sea level. Completely uninhabited, it is an attractive tourist board visit starting from Oban, Mull and other towns nearby.
The training also has many caves along its coast, the main christened Fingal’s Cave.

The boat tour that access the island Staffa allow excursions on the walking paths, and even an approximation to the cave of Fingal. In addition, you can see the numerous examples of puffins that enjoy the unique geography of the island of the pillars.