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Tooth Care for Pets



Do you have your teeth periodically cleaned? Most of us go to the dentist a couple of times a year, sometimes for vanity sake, but mostly to maintain our dental health because we understand how important that is. We’ll bet that very few of you out there brush your pet’s teeth, even though it is an important part of their well-being, too. Here are some reasons why you should have your dog or cat’s teeth checked annually:


Just like with humans, a rotting tooth can lead to considerable discomfort. Also, if the problem reaches the point of no return, the offending tooth has to be extracted, leading to more difficulties with chewing. If a vet doesn’t perform the procedure, the tooth can come out on its own, which is a far more prolonged and unpleasant chain of events. Can you imagine how your eating pleasure would be compromised if you were missing several of your teeth? The same is true for animals.

Future Problems

Removing a bad tooth is not necessarily the end of the problem. The decay is caused by bacteria and that can remain in the animal’s system, leading to further illness. These can be quite serious and debilitating, like pancreatitis, leading to many treatments and hefty bills. You want the best for your pets, so that means being proactive, rather than reactive. It makes sense for both their quality of life and your finances, plus spares you both the stress of home treatments.

Also, decay can spread, so the longer the affected tooth remains in the mouth, the better the chance that others can be affected.

Bad Breath

Have your noticed the cat’s breath being rather foul lately? That can happen for a number of reasons, including tooth decay. Once the tooth is dealt with, the issue should resolve itself.

Veterinary Costs

A very large percentage of the population owns either a cat or dog, and most of us consider our pets to be very valuable family members. In some cases, animals represent children for people who have lost them or cannot have kids. However, while the Canadian health system covers many of the costs for the country’s human population, veterinary expenses can be quite substantial depending on the overall health of your pet.


Many people consider the cost of visiting a veterinarian to be excessive. However, when you buy or adopt a pet, it is your responsibility to ensure for their ongoing health as well as such basics as neutering. Even pets that are in the prime of health during the first half of their lives, can develop debilitating conditions much like the way human seniors must battle the health problems that often come with aging.


Also like humans, you can help to lessen the chances of problems down the road by having an annual vet  checkup. During these appointments, they will examine your animal and see if something unusual or unwarranted is occurring. If so, the vet will recommend a course of action that can help to prevent an unpleasant condition for the animal and a hefty bill for you.


However, no matter how diligent you are in maintaining your pet’s health, there is always the possibility that they can develop a severe and debilitating disease at some point. That can mean a large bill down the road, and you should prepare for the possibility of it happening by putting some money aside. Talk to your vet about his or her feelings regarding how much it might cost in the years to come to maintain your pet’s health. This should give you a good idea of how much you need to budget.

Caring for Your Dog’s Fur

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Keeping a dog is a great responsibility. Caring for its needs, keeping up with its health, playing with it daily, and developing a strong bond with your pet is extremely necessary. However, there is one thing more that you should consider if you have a dog with fluffy fur.
Though they look cute and plump, but dog furs are not easy to handle.
Try the following given tips that would help keep your dog’s coat look clean and even, so that you do not end up seeing a bushy dog daily.

The changing texture or color:

One important thing that you must keep in mind is that any change in your dog’s fur or coat could indicate some problem with its nutrition. Hence, do check for it first.

The routine checking:

After you come home with your pet, having an enjoyable play time, do check its fur for any kind of dust, or parasite such as flea or tick.
Your routine checking must also comprise of the dandruff check. Dandruff in dog’s fur can be caused due to any skin issue, and you must consult a vet for that.

Brushing dog’s hair:

Your dog needs to get rid of shredded dead hair daily, so as to prevent the formation of mats. Brushing the fur is also healthy for your dog as it cleans the coat thoroughly.

Getting rid of sticky gums:

Your dog’s fur can be an attractant and storage for all the items you do not even want in your house, such as tiny twigs, leaves, and chewing gum.
Pulling out sticky gums from its coat can be done with the help of ice cubes. Just apply some ice on the gum, and once frozen, pull it off gently.