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Visit Lima “The city of Kings” in Peru for Extravaganza Vacation

Lima is largest city and the Capital of Peru. It is also known as “City-of theKings”. It is situated in the valley of Rimac, Lurin and Chillon Rivers at Central part of Coastal in Peru. It was found by Francisco Pizarro a Spanish Conqueror in the year 1535 on 18th January.  With the harbor of Callao and a valley on common desert coast the Lima forms an adjoining urban area, which is called as Lima-Metropolitan-Area.  Lima is 4th largest South-American city and it is the most populous city in Peru.


 Lima the Exciting Tourism Destination

In colonial period, it was one of the most significant cities in South America.  Lima offers extending entertainment to visitors.  You will find various museums, striking colonial monuments and traditional archeology, art and history of the country and many more exiting activities can be enjoyed during your stay at Lima.

Lima the Historical Center

Lima is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. In the colonial period, The Lima HQ of Viceroy was restricted and in this region major Spanish structures were built, forming precious historical monuments.  The popular ones are religious monuments and the colonial mansions as, San Francisco, Santo Domingo and San Pedro churches.

Lima offers Everlasting Entertainment

You can find the best and luxurious accommodations in the city. Plenty of choices to pick the best, most of these hotels are perfect as they totally dedicate their excellent service to tourists.  You can also witness amazing ultramodern shopping-malls, plenty of attraction-centers and unlimited nightlife; you can also enjoy authentic and delicious traditional food from top restaurants at Lima.  Visit this beautiful Lima in Peru for everlasting entertainment.





The Salt Mines of Maras



In the province of Urubamba in Peru, a mountain is cut into thousands of white terraces from top to bottom. The landscape’s color changes according to the brightness at each time of day, making amazing textures and tones.

They are the centuries-old salt mines of Maras, located on a Qaqawiñay mountainside in the Sacred Valley of the Incas.


The La Chorrera in Peru


They say it’s one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. And just seeing the pictures would prove it. What is known as La Chorrera, is located in northwestern Peru, and is a wonderful newly released destination to the world in 2006.

La Chorrera has 771 meters of fall, and is also considered the fourth highest waterfall in the world.



The Mystery Park in Switzerland



The Jungfrau Park or the Mystery Park is located in Interlaken, Switzerland. In this park, you can enter into the mysteries and riddles of our world. With seven thematic pavilions and multimedia scenography, Mystery Park promises a strong stride of emotions. It will make us relive the best mysteries.


We can discover interesting notions about starships of the Indians, and even the large pyramids built by higher beings. Or maybe answer questions like, “Why were the Mayan astronomers so brilliant?” “What will happen this 2012?” “Will the world end?” “Is the Stonehenge the time machine of the high priests?” “What about the mystery of the pictograms in Peru?” “Are marine depths formations or ruins of ancient cities?” So many questions, yet you must not expect answers to everything, because, you know, that’s the mystery.


You can also admire a collection of meteorites from over 70 countries and understand alien life.  A mix of science, science fiction, and mysteries of lost civilizations which will certainly help broaden our knowledge and curiosity about the mysteries of our planet and civilization. Surely, our children will find many useful things for their desire for knowledge and entertainment. Indeed, a new and interesting way to spend our day!