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A Walk in the Milford Track

If you want to experience the nature in its purest form, you must venture deep into the jungle. To know more about the nature and its surroundings, you must make it a point to walk your way. The most famous trail ride in New Zealand is called Milford Track, a hiking trail that crosses an area of mountains and temperate rainforest in the Fiordland National Park.

It is one of the most beautiful walks in the world (between glaciers, giant waterfalls, lakes, giant lived trees, steep cliffs between fjords and waterfalls). Of course, no one would forget to bring anything to guard against the moisture and water falling. This area is one of the wettest spots on earth. Southwest of the South Island of New Zealand receives rain between 6,000 and 8,000 millimeters per year, an amount of water that leaves its mark on the landscape with hundreds of “rivers” that fall on steep slopes of the mountains and forests that are saturated mosses and fungi, as in an enchanted landscape.

The points to be joined are the Lake Te Anau, to go north to the area of Milford Sound, or the country’s fjords area famous for its hot mirrored dozens of waterfalls and streams fall in the sea. All the way you cross forests, wetlands, and to a great mountain pass, all in a way that was used by the native Maori and today is one of the tourist attractions of the country. The following is a selection of images from the trip that do not follow a linear path, but rather, they serve to illustrate the incredible scenery that can wait for those experiencing the place.

To start the journey, we must start from Te Anau, a small town by the lake. Mostly between October and April, you can cover most of the routes north and over four days, sleeping in cabins in specially delimited areas managed by the Department of Conservation. Only allowed a maximum of 90 hikers a day, so it is important to book months in advance.




The Moeraki Boulders in New Zealand



On a small fishing village found in the south of Oamaru, New Zealand is where you can find a geological wonder. The Moeraki boulders are spherical stones which are situated on a sandy beach. However, they are not like normal boulders since they are shaped by the pounding of rivers and seas. According to scientists, the boulders were formed by sea floor sediments that were found in the ancient times. They were made in a process just like oyster pearls which have layers of materials covering its core. The center of the boulders is normally made from fossil shells, bones or wood.

Lime minerals were accumulated over a period of time and they are formed into a spherical shape. The mud stone seabed was uprooted from the cliff. It has released boulders that are scattered on the beach. Further erosion meant that the boulders look like shells of turtles. There are other boulders in the nearby area like shag point and Katiki. In the North Island, scientist also found similar structures with preserved snails, turtles and reptiles.

Moeraki is a town with a long history. It was occupied by the Maori tribe. The small town has a small seaport as well. Behind the town is a lighthouse where you can find penguins and seals. If you are interested in ecology, you can wander around the coast going to the Trotter’s Gorge. This is the native forest where you can hike. South of the town is Palmerson where you can find a scenic route. The place has good coastal scenery and you can also learn about geological phenomenon. Tourists can also find few amenities in the small town. Finally, the local residents are friendly to the tourists; in fact they are ready to serve as guides around the area.





The River of Blue Pools in New Zealand


The blue pools or the Blue Pool Track is an interesting spot to visit in a walk from the west coast of New Zealand. In the midst of a native forest of beech, the Makarora River impresses with its clear water through bedrock, that after thousands of years of erosion, results in a series of pools and ponds in turquoise waters.

Water flows from the glaciers, and when the current is calm, you can swim and get the feeling that people are hovering in the air.

The walk through a foot trail that accompanies the river, can be performed over 20 minutes, until you reach a bridge that crosses the Makarora River.


The Milford Sound in New Zealand


In one of the wettest regions of the world fjords, waterfalls falling into the sea between hardwood and abrupt elevations are common. The landscape becomes dreamlike in Milford Sound, located in the South Island of New Zealand. In this area, there are hundreds of waterfalls, which is something understandable in a place where there is rainfall of up to 7,000 millimeters a year.


The Waimangu Valley in New Zealand


The Waimangu Valley is known as the Inferno Crater, with an incredible turquoise crater with steam, which alerts the name of the unreliability of the water.

The look of the place is fresh and calming. The Waimangu Valley is found in New Zealand.

Tourists can take hikes, self guided walks or guided eco tours through the world’s youngest geothermal system.  The Waimangu Valley in New Zealand is 20 minutes south of Rotorua.




The Land of Mordor in New Zealand

With the help of animation and digital retouching, the Tongariro National Park of New Zealand  has become the land of Mordor in the “Lord of the Rings” saga. Visit the park and you can see the landscape used as a base to produce the Land of Mordor.

The Tongariro National Park is the oldest in New Zealand, and is the most photographed area. Its comprises volcanoes, including Mount Ruapehu and Mount Nguauruhoe, which was part of the film. It is located in the North Island, some 320 kilometers south of Auckland. Even ignoring the anecdotal data from filming The Lord of the Rings, Tongariro is an amazing place. Its landscape is sacred to the Maori, especially the area of the peaks. It is ideal for mountain walks and trekking.



Planning Your New Zealand Holiday: Climate

New Zealand is a magnificent country with an abundance of natural beauty that includes scenic lakes, enchanting fjords, majestic mountains, attractive beaches and a huge range of exotic flora and fauna, all of which attract a large number of tourists to this beautiful country each year. Planning your New Zealand holidays can be quite enthralling as the country offers plenty to explore and for sure one visit is not enough to suffice the traveler’s desire in you. However, when planning a trip, one of your major concerns would be the climate of the place where you wish to travel and the best time of the year to go there.

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