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Traveling on a Budget to the City that Never Sleeps



What better way to start a summer weekend in the city that never sleeps?

But, even a three-day trip to New York can be expensive. The best restaurants can easily absorb the budget for a complete holiday, and tickets to museums, theaters and attractions, typically cost between 20 and 100 dollars each.

Well, it is recommended to stay in the business district rather than the tourist center of Times Square. The luxury hotels near Wall Street, as the Millenium Hilton, are emptied on weekends when business travelers return home. And they remain near the most interesting areas to shop and eat, not to mention some of the best tourist attractions of the city as the Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue of Liberty.

There is also a little known TKTS Discount Booth near the South Street Seaport, which sells tickets for Broadway musicals and Off Broadway with up to 50% discount.




The Brooklyn Bridge




The Brooklyn Bridge in New York is one of the most popular bridges in the entire world. This bridge has a total length of 1,825 meters with 145,000 cars that pass by it daily. Although it has a short title of the largest suspension bridge in the world, it has always been a cultural icon and backdrop for many films such as Saturday Night Fever or Tarzan.

Designed by John Augustus Roebling, the Brooklyn Bridge was the first steel bridge, a colossal work of $15 million that killed 27 people during its 13 years of construction. The bridge is supported by two granite pillars with double arches and is based on a system of straps and steel cables.


The Central Park in Manhattan


Central Park is undoubtedly the film park in the world. Central Park is a huge park located in downtown Manhattan, New York. It is rectangular and measures 4 kilometers long by 800 meters wide. According to wikipedia, it has almost twice the size of the state of Monaco. The New York Central Park is flanked by the 5th Avenue in the East (Upper East Side) and the 8 th Avenue (West Side Story).

In 1856, 340 acres were awarded to Central Park in the northern periphery of the island of Manhattan. The park was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux. Central Park has over 5 million trees.

When you visit Central Park, you can hike, run or jog. You will see that there are many people running with you if the day is good. Walking through Central Park is a delight because it is neither flat nor straight.


The Hidden Harbor Tour in New York

The stated purpose of the Hidden Harbor Tour is to raise awareness of the ports of New York. But, as you navigate around Manhattan, passing by the Statue of Liberty, or under the Brooklyn Bridge, it may be taken into consideration by those who want see Manhattan from a different point of view.

The Newark Bay Tour passes around Staten Island and the Statue of Liberty, until you get to Port Elizabeth, the largest container port in the world. The Brooklyn Tour, passing under a bridge in Brooklyn and Manhattan, are also for planned tours to coincide with special events, such as for the 4th of July.

For now, there has been 12 published tour dates, which will take place between May and June. Tourists will aboard a yacht, equipped with every comfort. The tour starts at the pier number 16 South Street Seaport, in the afternoon around 17:30, and tickets cost $29 for adults, $22 for seniors, $15 for children.


The Brooklyn Folk Festival

The Brooklyn Folk Festival has come to the 4th edition of the wave of enthusiasm last year, when rows of spectators were expected to enter the premises where live bands played.

Bands of musicians, and groups of girls, dressed in long skirts for the occasion, dance to the rhythm of the traditional American music. But since in New York, where much of the population is of Hispanic origin, the festival is multicultural. There are also performances of Latin music, such as the involvement of the Conga Libre Radio Jarocho.

This year, the Brooklyn Folk Festival has moved, and will be held in downtown Brooklyn, with the presence of more than 30 bands to play live folk music of all types (old-time string-band music, folk, blues, bluegrass, klezmer, Caribbean and Balkan folk music).


The Freedom Tower

It ‘s official! The record has been obtained! On the night of April 30 and May 1, one World Trade Center, better known as the Freedom Tower, became the tallest building in New York, surpassing the height of the Empire State Building.

For New Yorkers and Americans, this has been an important date, following what happened on 9/11.

The construction of the skyscraper has not ended yet. Four planes are still to be constructed, and an antenna of 100 meters is still be installed. After its construction, this will be the tallest skyscraper in North America.


Dreaming of America


The United States has always been one of the most sought after places by tourists, particularly the Italians. The charm of metropolis will be the beauty of the monuments which have made the history of humanity. There is this feeling of affection that you feel for the ground which hosted many of our ancestors. But America is still America.
In the U.S.A., you can be any type of tourist, from cultural to modern. Despite the terrible events of 9/11, visitors still continue to flow in the homeland of gamblin. Despite the economic crisis, the Statue of Liberty, the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Yellowstone, New York city, Washington D.C., Las Vegas, Miami, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, San Diego, the waterfalls of Niagara, Philadelphia, and Colorado are a lure too strong  not be heard and a desired. Too overwhelming so as not to be granted.On the other hand, tourism is one of the factors that ensures the welfare of the country. The management and organization of hotel facilities are one of the best in the world. Tourists are seen as a valuable asset and are dealt with care. The American lifestyle has become a veritable icon of the modern life. Many of our young people do nothing but dream about America.