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The Neon Boneyard Museum in Las Vegas


Probably no city in the Las Vegas could think of setting up a museum entirely devoted to the old neon signs. Indeed, in Las Vegas , there is the a place called the Neon Boneyard Museum, which includes over 150 old neon signs that once sparkled on the facades of buildings, advertising hotels, shops and various attractions that no longer exist today.

The museum is a small attempt to show that even a city like Las Vegas boasts its own cultural history. The historical display signs, such as Caesars Palace, Horsehoe Binions, Golden Nugget, Silver Slipper and Stardust, have inspired artists, historians, students and design experts.

The guided tour of the Neon Museum is 15 euros per person and takes place in two shifts per day.


The Green Valley Ranch Resort in Las Vegas


The Strip in Las Vegas, one of the most famous streets in the world, nearly 7 miles of asphalt, owes its popularity to the hotels and casinos overlooking it. There are 19 of the 25 largest hotels in the world are on the Strip. Lots of lights, lots of fun, so many people, so much confusion. So, if you want a bit of tranquility during your stay in the Sin City, we recommend for you to stay in The Green Valley Ranch Resort, one of the best 10 hotels in Las Vegas.

The Green Valley Ranch is located 10 minutes from the Strip,that is why, for its calm and relaxing atmosphere, this is highly appreciated by those who have stayed.

Quiet but able to thrill guests with its casino, which in its 55,000 square feet, houses slot machines, video poker, table games and benches for sports betting. In short, there are a lot of opportunities to have fun and spend money.

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The Dinner in the Sky



In Las Vegas, there is certainly an activity that is a must-try. This is the Dinner in the Sky, or the opportunity to dine, at 55 meters in height.

It may sound like a normal setting, but the catch is that, you will dine at 55 meters outdoors! The chairs are tables in where customers are accommodated, is secured from hooks and lifted from the ground.

Each dinner has a maximum of 22 persons, in addition to the 5 waiters. The cost of this unique experience is $249 per person and includes a welcome drink, a champagne toast, and the dinner itself .

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Holidays according to your portfolio and style


Family vacations can be expensive and difficult to plan. Money Smart 2012 magazine offers you the following options:



Cost: $ 1.065 per person, seven nights.


Provider: American Express Travel


The agency offers a package that includes hotel accommodations at the Disney’s All Star Music and airfare. Disney has also passes Magic Your Way Base with access to parks Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios Theme Park and Disney’s Animal Kingdom.


The price excludes food, but you can find places to eat from $ 15 (195 pesos). In the park there are over 100 options for eating, or in the hotel you have a variety of restaurants.




Cost: $ 836 per person, six nights.


Provider: Travelocity.


If your family is more adventurous type, you can go snorkeling, kayaking, swimming with dolphins, fishing and surfing in Cancun. The package includes hotel accommodations at the four star Barcelo Costa Cancun with food and drink included, but you will still have to spend for the activities.


Choice: In AquaWorld, diving lessons (around $ 190) or swimming with dolphins ($ 100). Ride Captain Hook boat, snorkel in the park The Garrafón of Isla Mujeres (from $ 74), swimming with dolphins in resort Island or visit the park Wet ‘n Wild.




Cost: 6.890 pesos per adult and 3.095 per child under 11, four days.


Supplier: Travel Bojorquez Countess.


The package ensures a four star hotel, surrounded by beautiful beaches , the experience of swimming with dolphins, pirate show by Pacific waters and the marine sanctuary of the ecological reserve of Los Arcos.


March and April are the months for whale-watching. There are rides for 1,000 pesos per adult and 500 per child.



If you are young, professional, have a partner but no children, Smart Money magazine offers:



Cost: $ 633 per person, four nights.


Provider: Travelocity.


This place offers a number of activities for couples and Cirque du Soleil (tickets are from $ 179), magic shows, comedies, musicals and museums of contemporary art. Travelocity has a package of four nights at the Palace Station.
Buy advance tickets for the shows you choose. There are hotels that include passing, like the Bellagio. Looking for last minute deals on newsstands Tickets4tonight.




Cost: 6.200 pesos per person, five days.


Supplier: Travels Through Time.


La Huasteca is a place for couples looking for quiet and away from the noise of the city. The package offers a proposal for four nights in an ecovillage.


Includes transportation, four breakfasts, five meals, four dinners, five snacks, Xilitla excursion, visit the Cave of Huahuas, to waterfalls and the archaeological site of Tamtok.




Cost: $ 732 per person, four nights.


Provider: Travelocity.


Costa Rica is a paradise for adventure sports lovers: rafting (rapids), rappelling, zip lines, canyoning (down canyon with ropes). The package only includes transportation and lodging at the Best Western Paradise Inn.


Two key areas are El Arenal, the basis for all tourism activities, and the Pacific coast, where there are wonderful beaches with turquoise waters that’s ideal for snorkeling, diving, fishing and swimming with dolphins.


If you like adventure but only have a budget of 1,000 pesos, Smart Money magazine offers:

El Chico National Park

Cost: 1,000 pesos per person, three days.

Supplier: Tours of the time.

Day 1: You can visit the mines of Real del Monte, which has enabled several mines such as museums or the Mina de Acosta (30 pesos), where you can descend 400 meters down. Then visit the parish of the Assumption and Hiloche forest.
There is lodging and meals from 150 pesos from 80 pesos.

Day 2: Visit the haciendas Santa Maria Regla and San Miguel Regla in Huasca de Ocampo (input to each: 50 pesos). Then he meets the Basaltic Prisms Park (admission: 50 pesos). Next to San Miguel Regla is the dam of San Antonio, where you could rent boats from 50 pesos per hour and eat on its shores.
To stay there cabins from 300 pesos.

Day 3: In Omitlán you can start a walk to the rock of Zumate. We must put aside some cliffs and climb some rocks to reach the top of the monolithic rock and you will see incredible vistas.
Continuing the walk by Mineral El Chico, where there are several camps for biking, hiking, camping or even rent boats on the dam Cedral (200 pesos per hour).

The park is hosting between 200 pesos and 500 pesos per night.

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Las Vegas playful

Somewhere in the middle of nowhere, in the desert, the city of Las Vegas has been in existence for a bit less than a century. Nestled in the southeast of Nevada, it has a  virile and noisy atmosphere.

It competes successfully with other major cities of the world and always seems ready to up the ante by building another mega-hotel solely based on its ability to impress even more visitors.

Of course, we can not talk about Las Vegas without using superlatives; all those famous themed casinos that leave onlookers stunned and attract them into the den with lavish entertainment.

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