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Get to Know the Nine Castles of San Marino

The Republic of San Marino is a small nation composed of nine municipalities also known as the Nine Castles of San Marino. The term “castle” was originally used in reference to the Castra Subdita composed of the 4 former Malatesta castles namely; Serravalle, Faetano, Montegiardino and Fiorentino. These four municipalities officially became parts of San Marino in 1463 and five more municipalities or castles that exist in the Mount Titano areas have been added since then.


The Nine Castles of San Marino

The nine municipalities that compose San Marino are the Following:

  • The capital City of San Marino – it has 9 councilors and approximately 4,500 residents
  • Borgo Maggiore – it has 9 councilors and it is the second most important castle with 5,992 residents
  • Serravalle – it has 9 councilors and the castle with the most number of residents at 9,394
  • Domagnano – it has 9 councilors and residents numbering to 2,714
  • Fiorentino – it has 9 councilors and 2,120 of residents
  • Acquaviva – it has 7 councilors and a population of 1,678
  • Faetano – it has 7 councilors and 1,081 residents
  • Montegiardino – it has 7 councilors and it is the least populated castle with only 793 residents
  • Chiesanuova – it has 7 councilors and has 976 inhabitants

Recognized as Italian Cities

All nine Castles of San Marino correspond to Italian cities, but they have limited powers and they are being governed individually by A Captain/Mayor. The Captain of the Castle takes the power that corresponds with that of the Italian Cities’ Mayors. But the capacities of these nine local governments are quite limited when compare with the powers by other cities within Italy’s political system.



A Journey Through Salento’s History



Salento or Salentu in local language is found in the south east portion of Apulia which is a region in Italy. It is said to be the heel of the boot in the Italian map. The whole area encompasses the province of Leece. If you travel through the south of Puglia, it is possible that you will be awestruck with the changes in the landscape. There are hills and valleys in the vast expense of the flat land. This is how Salento can be described in terms of geographical make up.

The industrial city is where you can find intricate roads and principal towns. The historic province has three entrances: Porta Napoli, Porta San Biagio and Porta Rudiae. The city is where you can find old churches and baroque plazas. The best ones are the Puglian Baroque and Basilica of Santa Cronce which is next to Palazzo dei Celestini.  The buildings have great facades with exuberant characteristics.

You can also find the Church of Santa Chiara and the Church of Sant’Irene. The roads leading to the Salento are filled up with great wine cellars where you can have a glass or two of the famous wines like Primitivo di Manduria or Salice Salentino. There are traditional bars where you can find musicians, dancers and craftsmen. There is also Otranto where you can access through internal roads that run next to the coastline. You can also pass by bathing resorts like the Torre Specchia and Torre dell’ Orso. In 1480, Otranto suffered from the attacks made by the Turks. This is provoked by the refusal to abandon their faith on Christianity.

The remains of the 700 martyrs are conserved in the cathedral that is found in the town which was survived all throughout centuries. Proceeding further will take you to Leuca where you can find a great panoramic views and enchanting coves. There is also the Santa Cesarea Terme which has renowned various ranges of spa treatments. Few kilometers away are where you can find Castro Marina where are located natural caves with immense beauty. There are pre historic remains that are discovered inside these caves.The most important cave in the whole of Salento is Zinzulusa cave.





The Trevi Fountain is in Danger


Unfortunately, some Italian heritage have poor conditions. These are the Pompeii, the Domus Aurea, the Colosseum, and now the legendary Trevi Fountain.

It was in the news that indicate several fragments of the cornice left side, about eight inches long, fell without causing any injuries.

That is why the state of alert on the status of the Fontana continues despite that, immediately, the technical council of the city worked to repair and could return to work as quickly as possible.

But without doubt, this fact, the above named and many others with similar concerns, open the debate on the poor condition of Italian heritage.

So, faced with the barrage of criticism, the mayor of Rome, Gianni Alemanno, was quick to launch the idea of looking for a sponsor to restore the Trevi Fountain, as it has done through the Colosseum. Italians are hopeful to get lucky and pray for its conservation, as the Trevi Fountain is loved by the people on all four corners of the globe.


The Most Romantic Places in Italy

We have selected the most romantic places in Italy for lovers to declare their love. Open your eyes and prepare to be mesmerized by the most romantic places in Italy.

Venice – Venice is considered the lover’s capital all over the world. After an early walk in the alleys and a candlelight dinner in our romantic hotel in Venice, you climb in a gondola and open your heart.


Via dell’Amore – If your beloved adores the sea, we recommend the Via dell’Amore. A pedestrian street that connects Riomaggiore to Manarola, in the Cinque Terre in Liguria. You can walk and admire the splendid landscapes and countless promises of eternal love written on the rocks.

Your declaration will frame the noise of waves on the rocks and the brackish air.


Trevi Fountain – Do you love to be the center of attention? Then you must lead your lover in front of the Trevi Fountain in Rome. Here, many couples swear by love with hundreds of Romans and tourists as their witnesses. After you endure the “embarrassment”, remember to throw a coin into the fountain, and hope to return to celebrate another anniversary. It would also be very romantic to spend your honeymoon in a hotel in Rome.


Capri – Take a romantic cruise and bring your beloved off to Capri. After sailing around the Faraglioni rocks and the Palazzo al Mare, you will enter the Grotta Azzurra. The cave’s sonorities, the particular game of colors and lights will give an inspiration and magic to your words.




Milan, Italy – A bit of history, and things to do

She’s been lusted after by  Roman generals, Austrian emperors and  kings of France. Milan, strategically located between Rome and  north-west Europe, has remained the apple of the eye for all those rushed in to conquer. The city has been a a symbol of prosperity over the centuries.

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