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The Laurel Forest of La Gomera



The laurel forest of La Gomera is a must-see tourist attraction. The forest is one of the oldest and best one within Europe. The laurel forest is almost completely natural, so it has an impression of absolute originality.

There, one meets the Azores and the Stinklorbeeren laurels especially. These are joined by a variety of ferns that grow very high. The laurel forest also grows moss veils, moss beards and braids. Also, there are lichens, which give the local trees a mystical look. Incidentally, the lichen is no indication that the forest is sick, which is thought by many. This is quite the opposite, because this in fact indicates the purity of the local air.

Because of the diverse rainfall and humidity, the forests in such thrive. Moreover, to prevail in a laurel forest, it is usually always the same climatic conditions. Thus, mild and constant temperatures always prevail there. Even the normally resistant to moisture stays there. In addition, longer dry seasons in this area absolutely unusual. These climatic conditions can be found all year over.

The focus of the laurel forest are huge trees, which can rise up to 30 meters. The laurel forest tree shines with a density that can be up to 3,000 trees per hectare. These forests have their origin in the far past in the Tertiary.




The Sun in Fuerteventura



Sun, sea and fun are guaranteed and not a goal for a crazy holiday in Fuerteventura, in the Canary Islands. The Spanish island is a favorite of young people for vacations because there they find entertainment, sports and lots of fun. Fuerteventura is graced by a sunny and warm climate most of the year; temperatures rarely fall below 20 degrees, making it the perfect destination for warm winter vacations.

After an evening spent in pubs and clubs, there is nothing better than basking in the sunlight on the white sand beaches of the island that seem like they are out of a movie. Fuerteventura is the southernmost of the Canary Islands situated in the Atlantic Ocean and has some of the most beautiful sandy coasts of Europe. It is equipped with surfing gear shops for those seeking the constant winds and large waves. It would be ideal to rent a car to visit a different beach every day, so to discover the special beauty of each part of the island.

Along the north coast are the most beautiful beaches near Corralejo, Playa Bajo Negro in particular, Plaja Alzada, los Matos and playa del Moro. Depart from the country on the small ferries to Isla de Lobos (Island of Wolves), where the beautiful beaches of Playa de la Arena and the Sobrado can be found. The northern coast is one of the most frequented by tourists, in particular Butihondo Playa is the largest beach of the island and in summer it is overrun by tourists. Nearby is Playa de Sotavento, considered the best in Fuerteventura. It has a unique feature. Not far from the coast, in fact there is a sandy bar at low tide which turns into an “extension” of the island.

Surfers and windsurfers however, prefer the east coast where a strong steady wind makes it possible to do acrobatics on giant waves. The beach Barlovento is certainly the best among those.





A Steep Valley with 72 Waterfalls in Switzerland


A valley in “U” is a steep valley, walled by cliffs giants in high mountain areas. In Switzerland, it is expected that there are many postcard valleys.

But perhaps, few can combine as many elements that make it great as the Lauterbrunnen Valley. In the Lauterbrunnen Valley, there is a total of 72 waterfalls that cascade into it. Some impressive sound for a valley carpeted with alpine meadows and mountain inns in the heart of one of the reserves in Switzerland.

Even among the waterfalls, it includes one of the most impressive of all Europe (Staubbachfall), with a 300-meter drop next to a towering rock wall.


Istanbul, Turkey – The City Built on Two Continents

Let me tell you a story. A tale of one of the most beautiful places on planet earth. One day, Zeus fell in love with Io, a nymph, and that  provoked the wrath of Hera, his wife. The irked Hera  turned Io into a cow and launched a gadfly in pursuit. To avoid the bite of the gadfly, Io jumped into the waters of the Bosphorus, which also means “cow crossing”. Today, along the shores of the strait stands a new city that was born then. Along 32 km in length and 660 to 3000 m in width this charming piece of land called Istanbul.

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