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The Disney Resort in Hawaii



A newest addition to the Disney Vacation Club was opened in August 2011 in Hawaii. The Disney Resort Aulan is located in a privileged position in the area of Ko Olina on the leeward west coast of Oahu, about 20 minutes from the airport, 45 minutes from Waikiiki. The new Disney Resort is located near the JW Marriott Resort and overlooks a beautiful lagoon beach with shallow and calm waters, perfect for children.

We all know that Disney has a great and extraordinary ability to inspire awe and excitement due to the famous theme parks, cruise lines, hotels and media. But, the new resort Aulan brings the magic of Disney to a whole new level through education and cultural awareness.

The word Aulan means: “One who delivers a message from a higher authority.” What is this message and who delivers it? Disney is the messenger and the message is authentic, very Hawaiian. Incredible attention to detail has been paid, to gardens, artwork, curtains, blankets, mats, and authentic Hawaiian architectures. When you walk in the entrance hall known as Makala (=open your eyes and look), Hawaiian art, storytelling, and wildlife will make you believe you walked into a traditional but modern trip paradise.

They commissioned local and talented artisans such as Rocky Jensen, McD Philpots, Solomon Enos, and Dalan Tanahy to adorn the rooms of the Disney resort with artistic elegance. The valley Waikolohe (naughty waters) will make you curious and joyful with its waterfalls, rocks, water and jets. Children will get to discover hidden treasures. Zia’s Beach House is a warm and friendly club, where children can have fun and learn at the same time. Families can snorkel with Hawaiian fish, and adults can relax and enjoy the sunset next to the waterfalls and whirlpools.





The City that Inspired Disney


A low profile and ancient medieval imperial city turned into a world famous tourist attraction.

Rothenburg is located in the state of Bavaria, whose appearance is inspiring and romantic. This place has been an inspiration from the Disney film, “Pinnocchio”.



Discover Paris, Disney Style

Bistro de Paris is a theme restaurant in the French Pavilion at Epcot Center, which adapts the best of French cuisine, directly to your palate. The restaurant is decorated with luxury and have their own wine cellar. There you can enjoy dishes like chocolate mousse or vanilla ice cream and truffles, which have become favorites of customers, says Disney. The average price of food per person in this restaurant is $36 to $60, plus tax. For more information, visit the official website of the Disney parks http://disneyworld.disney.go.com.


Walt Disney Museum

The Walt Disney Family Museum is located in California, in the beautiful San Francisco. The Walt Disney Museum is a mix of interactive content. There is a long history in the museum, including family photos, objects, relics and Disney movies.

The Disney family has done an outstanding job in creating this museum which tells the life of Walt Disney.

The galleries are dedicated to the beginning Walt Disney’s life in Missouri, the journeys, and the influences of Hollywood’s films and animation.

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