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Traveling to Mozambique



“White sand beaches, dunes, crystal clear sea where colorful fish swim in the reef”.

No, we’re not talking about an island in the Caribbean, but about one of the most beautiful regions of Africa, Mozambique. Particularly in recent years there has been a lot of development in the field of eco-tourism and beautiful luxury resorts camouflaged in the forest.

The country, located in the southeastern part of Africa, consists of more than three thousand kilometers of coastline, plus many islands that are reflected in the turquoise waters of the Mozambique Channel. The best islands, from the point of view of a tourist in particular are: Benguerra, Bazaruto and Quirimbas where the best hotels and resorts are surrounded by beautiful landscapes.

The Ila de Mocambique in the north, has been for more than four centuries, the state capital and what’s more, its’ wonderful archaeological sites have been declared as a World Heritage by UNESCO. The modern capital, Maputo, is full of colonial buildings and wide avenues, while other major cities of the country are Beira, the seat of commerce and Pemba which are lively and cheerful.




The Eco-Friendly Land of Costa Rica



Virgin rainforests, active volcanoes and velvet beaches on two oceans. Between the Caribbean and the Pacific, Costa Rica, a real paradise, proves to be one of the leading eco-friendly destinations in the world!

“Pura vida” is an expression that you will surely hear many times from the lips of residents in Costa Rica. It means “pure life” and is used mainly as a greeting and a manifestation of joy or excitement. At the same time, however, it describes the best everyday life in this tiny and unknown-to-many country in Central America, between Nicaragua and Panama. What if the land did not have the gold which the Spanish explorers expected to find, when they called it the “Rich Coast”? It is rich, in a different way: though a small area, it has tropical forests, more than 15 national parks and protected areas, raging rivers and waterfalls, biodiversity incalculable ecological value and 11 spectacular volcanoes.

In the early ’70s, the country began to enter the global tourism map in a slow pace. As it doesn’t have any ancient monuments, as its northern neighbors do, the vast majority of visitors was-and continues to be- nature lovers from around the world who come here to study the rich fauna and flora. Dozens of species of plants and animals find shelter and the ideal environment for development in the paradise-like national parks of Costa Rica. On a tour to the tropical jungles you will surely see closely enough a lot of them, like the capuchin, the monkey with white face and many more.

The Costa Ricans have realized that the welfare state is based precisely on this blessing and therefore are very sensitive with regard to preserving the environment. Thus, the luxurious lodges that you may find in the protected areas are made with fully environmentally consciousness and care so as not to disturb the balance of the ecosystem.





A Turquoise Bay on the Virgin Islands


Within the Virgin Islands National Park is one of the best beaches in the Caribbean, and one of the most wanted natural places by tourists.

The place is composed of almost white sand spaces, surrounded by dense vegetation enclosing bays lapped by a turquoise sea intense.

This is called the Trunk Bay, located on the island of St. John. To gain access to the National Park, there is a payment of $4.


The Beach of the Stars

In the area of Boca del Drago, in the Colon Island, northeast of Panama, is a beach idyllic as many who find the Caribbean, but adds a special feature in its calm, clear waters, are abundant sea stars, visible from the coast:

The Colon is the main island of the archipelago of Bocas del Toro, and is only accessible by plane or by ferry from the city of Columbus. The beauty of the place, partly due to isolation and small population, is the main attraction. The Beach of the stars is just one example, with its dozens (or hundreds) of sea stars so close to the shore and in perfect harmony with the tranquility of the landscape. To reach the beach, you have to make a small journey on foot or by boat from the town of Boca del Drago.

There are many tourist attractions and a rustic hotel infrastructure, mainly in the city of Boca del Toro. Ideal for those seeking tranquility, Boca del Toro does not have a varied range of tourism. The main offer is simply a lot of natural beauty.


A Turquoise Bay, Virgin Islands

Within the National Park Virgin Islands is one of the best beaches in the Caribbean, and is one of the most visited natural places by tourists from all over the world. The white sand beaches are surrounded by dense vegetation; and the enclosing bays are lapped up by a turquoise and intense sea. Trunk Bay, as it is called, is on the island of St. John and tourists are allowed controlled access from inside a National Park, for a fee of $4.

In fact, inside the park there are numerous similar bays, but none as beautiful as Trunk Bay.


Eden Rock, a dream hotel in the Caribbean

The Caribbean does not need much explanation. An amazing place to relax in an oasis of peace, nature, sea, but also luxury, is the ‘ Eden Rock hotel. This is one virtual dream hotel in the Caribbean. The images from the official site clearly describes about the hotel and the services offered by it.

The Eden Rock is located in the bay of St. Jean in Guadeloupe.  Indeed, this is also a favorite vacation spot of Hollywood celebrities.

Every second of your stay in Eden Rock will surely be remembered forever. This place serves as an example of the wonders offered by our beloved Earth.


Getting married in the Caribbean

There are many wonderful and unique places to get married in the world. But, why not get married in the beautiful Caribbean?  Caribbean has its own unique charm and will offer you a very special feeling to remember forever. Just imagine the thrill of exchanging vows in a gazebo with white sands, and the smell of the ocean breeze.

There are many wedding facilities the Caribbean that offer several packags. Take for example,  the C Resort, which proposes to organize a wedding ceremony for as low as $ 790  to $ 2,250 for the deluxe version.

The wedding is one of the most important days in your life. Make each second count.