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Three Cheap Eats in Montreal



Montreal is a foodie’s heaven. Best of all, you don’t have to shell out your precious pennies to enjoy it. There are a variety of tasty cheap eats available at your finger tips.Thanks to several large university campuses located on this tiny island. You just need to know where to look.

1. Le Cagibi

Cuisine: Vegetarian, Mexican
Average spend: breakfast €2 – 7, lunch/dinner €6 – 8
This indie cafe/bar features an appetising menu of fresh soups, salads, burritos and sandwiches accompanied by an excellent selection of tea and coffee. It also offers a simple brunch and breakfast menu that is definitely easy on the wallet. The free Wi-Fi is ideal for travellers on the go and the music isn’t so bad either, so stick around a bit. Check out the daily soup and salad combos. Lentil, lemon and coconut never tasted so good together! See the menu.
5490 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

2. Restaurant Boustan

Cuisine: Middle Eastern
Average spend: pitas €2.50 – 3, combos for €6
For authentic Middle Eastern food on the go, Boustan serves up vegetarian and meat shawarma varieties and platters to satisfy your nightly cravings (open from 11 a.m. until 4 a.m.). Menu highlights include the shish taouk (also known as a kebab, doner or shawarma) and roasted potatoes smothered in the house garlic sauce. The line-up out the door shows just how much Montrealers love this little hole-in-the-wall. See the menu.
2020 Rue Crescent

3. Les Folies

Cuisine: Vegetarian, French and Canadian
Average spend: starters €3 – 5, brunch €8 – 10, mains €11 – 12
Les Folies (meaning crazy-ness) is a lovely little brunch spot with an outdoor patio overlooking bustling Avenue Du Mont Royal East in Montreal’s Le Plateau neighborhood. Brunch items like omelettes, crepes and homefries are a staple of any Canadian cosmopolitan diet and are worth a try at this unique restaurant. Also featured are creative salads and juicy burgers for your meat-eating friends. Try La Fraîche: refreshing greens mixed with fresh fruit, seeds and creamy raspberry vinaigrette. The cocktails are also surprisingly delicious (like the tart raspberry mojito), which are available in pitchers to share. See the menu (French only).


Cities Reflected in Water


The play of light can create a unique picture. The reflections of palaces, houses and trees in the waters of rivers, lakes and oceans caught in camera is just amazing to look at.

Here are some of the best photos of cities that are reflected in waters, that creates an illuminated double vision.

Boston, Massachussets

Lisbon, Portugal

Los Angeles, California

Sacramento, California

Vancouver, Canada


The World Waterpark in Edmonton, Canada

The largest indoor water park in the world is the World Waterpark in Edmonton, Canada. This water park is  located inside the West Edmonton Mall, which is the largest mall in the world until the year 2004.

The numbers of the World Waterpark: 12.3 million liters of water, maintained at a constant temperature between 30 and 33 degrees;  maximum capacity of 40,000 people; 19 slides, which is noted between the Twist and Cyclone; and bungee jump over the water.

Entrance is at 33 Canadian dollars, and $26 for children between 2 and 10 years.


A Forest Out of Scale in Canada

MacMillan Provincial Park is located in British Columbia, Canada. Take shelter in trees over 800 years old, and some of them, up to 9 meters in circumference and 75 meters high, so a walk in its paths, we move through a forest of out of scale gigantic trees .
The forest is a true marvel, not only for its size, but also by being saved from the ravages of the timber industry through the efforts of conservationists. The forest area is also known as Cathedral Grove, a name that refers to the similarity of the foliage and the massive logs, with the columns and the structure of a cathedral.

The giant trees, light to filter through, leave the impression of finding within the nave of a church, providing a unique feeling that through the photos, only intended to illustrate but according to experts, it is difficult to describe.

For Cathedral Forest Grove, it is not copies of Sequoia, but not a very common species of Douglas Fir. Douglas Fir is a conifer endemic to North America. The protected area of MacMillan is a remnant of an extensive forest decimated by industrial logging.

According to the expert and biologist Al Carder, what we see today in the forest, while impressive, the fact remains that the old forest of Douglas Fir. More than 122 meters were removed in past decades in areas like the Fraser Valley to disappear completely. Still, Cathedral Grove remains a readily accessible place on the northwest coast of Canada, where you can get an idea of this magnificent natural heritage a local group was able to protect and preserve.


A Lake Too Perfect in Canada

By looking at some pictures it is possible to doubt the veracity of a landscape so idyllic. Even, one comes to think that even might be a rendering but no farther than the The Peyto Lake, in Canada, claims to be too perfect, a staging magnificence of nature that makes us feel insignificant:

The Peyto Lake is considered one of the most beautiful places in Canada. Located within the Banff National Park in the State of Alberta, the glacial lake is nearly 2,000 meters. It’s almost unbelievable turquoise is the result of water erosion on the rocks, turning the lake particles giving it an almost brilliant hue.

The Peyto Lake, is of course one of the attractions of the park, and a whole postal Canada. Ideal to visit in summer, the lake can be seen from a natural viewpoint on a path for walkers in places authorized for camping.