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The Forest with “Superpowers” in California


They have curious ways, even somewhat convoluted. They look strong and resilient. They are supertrees, or specifically, long-lived pines, a species that typically reach ages of 100–1,000 years, some even more.

These species just grow in mountains of western North America, in California, Nevada and Utah and are believed to be cloned of the oldest  living organisms in the planet. Often, barely have leaves and even dead trees appear. The simply survive in extreme conditions, so that even as the worse the conditions, they are living longer.

They are found in the White Mountains of the United States, and in certain areas with higher density, eventually form a small forest and in the county of Inyo, eastern California (Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest). The particular species is Pinus Longaeva  or Bristlecone pine,  a type of tree that grows to about 3,000 meters above sea level, sometimes even in the middle of a forest of other species. One of the oldest is about 4,750 years old, a tree dubbed as the “Methuselah Grove”, which is not marked to protect it from vandalism. But even existed there is the oldest tree, which is estimated to be some 5,000 years old.




The Zabriskie Point



When the sun sets, the dim lights paint some of the curious formations of the Zabriskie Point. The interplay of light, shade and darkness makes the landscape look like a painting.

Zabriskie Point is a wavy area, a few kilometers from the edge of Death Valley in California. The landscape, consisting of highly eroded sediments that were accumulated in an extinct lake for thousands of years has beautiful colors and formations. Ideal time to view the place is at sunrise or sunset, when the sun appears to highlight the area.

We guarantee you that you will be amazed to see such a spectacle.






Cities Reflected in Water


The play of light can create a unique picture. The reflections of palaces, houses and trees in the waters of rivers, lakes and oceans caught in camera is just amazing to look at.

Here are some of the best photos of cities that are reflected in waters, that creates an illuminated double vision.

Boston, Massachussets

Lisbon, Portugal

Los Angeles, California

Sacramento, California

Vancouver, Canada


Walt Disney Museum

The Walt Disney Family Museum is located in California, in the beautiful San Francisco. The Walt Disney Museum is a mix of interactive content. There is a long history in the museum, including family photos, objects, relics and Disney movies.

The Disney family has done an outstanding job in creating this museum which tells the life of Walt Disney.

The galleries are dedicated to the beginning Walt Disney’s life in Missouri, the journeys, and the influences of Hollywood’s films and animation.

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Los Angeles, California – Interesting Things to Know

For some, she’s monstrous. And for the others, she is like a lovely maiden. Metropolis of the automobile, capital of illusion, Los Angeles extends immeasurably to the south, shrouded in smog, between the mountains of Santa Ana, Santa Monica and San Gabriel.

Los Angeles is chaos no end: There seems to be no limits to this metropolis, except for the giant towers of downtown where people work but do not live.

The city is a huge agglomeration of more than 18 million inhabitants. The second most populous city in the United States, Los Angeles is at the bottom of a pot surrounded by mountains and the ocean, and shows both in her lap the sandy beaches, the  hills and windswept deserts.

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