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Visit Manaus the Spectacular City in Brazil

Manaus is a wonderful City in Brazil, it is Amazon States capital also famously known as “Rubber metropolis”. Presently the city is famous for its free busy trade zone at Rio Negro.  The foundation of the city go-back to Fort Sao Jose at the beginning of the Rio Negro.  In 1755 Manaus became capital of Sao Jose do Rio Negro.  The residents were engaged in producing spices that are used to make “Drugs of the Sertao” with Cinnamon, Cloves, Cacao and Indigo.


Manaus the Rubber City

During the late 19th century and early 20th century, the price of the rubber increased tremendously and due to the high price Amazonian- rubber on the global-market brought immense prosperity and wealth to Manaus and in 1967 Manaus made a free-trade-zone.

Teatro Amazonas in Manaus

Teatro Amazonas is the most renowned building in Manaus. It was constructed in the period of 1896 and now it is protected as National Monument.  This ancient building is perfectly positioned in the heart of ancient forest. It consists of 700 seats and it is covered in red-velvet. The doors are made with Italian marble and the English Wrought-Iron was used for staircase. There were 198 chandeliers in the theatre including Thirty two of Murono-glass.  In the beginning of-the- century Manus was known as City-of-the forest and Heart-of-the-Amazon. Currently it is a big industrial area.


The best way to reach Manaus

The international Airport called Eduardo Gomes serves many flights to Manaus.  It is the 3rd biggest international airport in frequent fright movement. Get more information about the transportation details to Manaus from the official website.

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What to See in Brasilia, Brazil



As one of the most admired Brazilian cities, there are a number of interesting sites to see and things to do in Brasilia. From amazing architecture to superb dining, almost everything is interesting in this city. So it is truly worthwhile to visit the famous city for sports and fashion. Some of the places you can discover in Brasilia are listed below.

The Cathedral

The Cathedral can be found opposite the Law Courts, along the central axis. Designed by Niemeyer, the structure is concrete and hyperboloid in shape with extraordinary lighting. It has a glass roofing that seems open and almost reaching the sky.

Square of the Three Towers

Locally called as Praca dos Tras Poderes, this establishment is very close to the premises of the judiciary, legislative, and executive offices. The president’s home, the Congresso Nacional, the Supremo Tribunal Federal are all within reach. Aside from that, the Pantheon of Freedom and the Historical Museum of Brasilia are just close by.

Palacio dos Arcos

Also called by the name Palacio Itamaraty, this building is where you can find the Foreign Ministry. Besides, this is also amongst the greatest achievements of Oscar Niemeyer as it is situated in fine-looking gardens. Architect Burle Marx designed its landscape to provide a grander and a more spectacular view.





Four Caves with Blue Waters


In Brazil, Italy or Greece, there are examples of caves covered with crystal clear water where the effect of light makes them look like an intense blue hue. In one of them, the Blue Grotto (Grotta Azzurra) in Capri, the sea appears to be lit under water.

1. The Blue Lake Cave, Brazil

The Blue Lake Cave is a cave covered by the waters of a lake. The particularity of the place are its colors and the landscape that seems magical. It is located in the vicinity of Nice, in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, a city famous for its natural attractions and ecotourism.

2. A cave with blue lake in Greece

I think the images illustrate very well. Melissani is a cave on the island of Cephalonia, northwest of Sami in Greece. While in the external environment, the forest covers the slopes of a mountain that reaches the sea, the coast guard a silent place with natural light and shadow effects and transparency of the water, it is a staging of nature spectacular.

3. The Blue Grotto, Italy

It seems that someone has placed blue lights under water, had the image go through Photoshop. But the reality is that, none of this is necessary. The Blue Grotto is a natural spectacle on the island of Capri as simple as surprising light entering from the outside is refracted into the water in the cave with a blue dramatically effect.

4. A Blue Cenote, Mexico

In Yucatan, Mexico, there vnumerous cavities known as dolines, sinkholes or depressions in karst relief. The Yucatan peninsula is one of the world’s highest number of cenotes . One of the most photogenic is the Dzitnup cenote, which is 2 kilometers from the city of Valladolid, also known as the Blue Cave.



The Insano: The World’s Steepest Slide

Summer’s not over! If you want to get sun kissed and mix your escapade with an adventure, then head for the Insano. The Insano is the highest and steepest water slide in the world. This is situated in Brazil.

Take a glance at the pictures and see if you’re ready for an adrenalin action. Would you dare to slide all the way down 41 meters? Don’t worry, with a speed of 105 kilometers per hour, your fear will disappear quickly.


Rio de Janeiro – A Few Things to Know

Rio, the place to be in! Ever had the amazingly breathtaking Brazilian holiday destination on your itinerary? If you haven’t gone there as yet, its time. Nestled between sea and mountains, Rio de Janeiro encompasses all that is  enchanting. Morros, the famous hills characteristic of its morphology, rise from the earth and water as a disorder that one might want to study. With its golden beaches, its magnificent views and  stunning geography, it is clear that the Cariocas are particularly proud of their city.

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