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Go for an exciting Japan Adventure Trip in the Mt. Fuji Region

Japan is one of the richest countries in the world, and that is simply because its people are extremely disciplines and very workaholic. But despite their complete dedication to their country and its development, the Japanese people also know how to have some fun.

Proof of that is the wide range of exciting activities that both local and international tourists can enjoy. The best thing about Japan is that it has been able to effectively mix the past with the present along with the promise of the future.

MT. Fuji

Mt. Fuji – Pride of Japan

Mt. Fuji is undoubtedly the pride of Japan. It represents the physical, spiritual and cultural geographies of this amazing nation. Sanding proudly at 3,776 meters, it is Japan’s tallest mountain and it is an active and sacred volcano believed to be permeated with a certain living spirit. It sits comfortably on Triple Plates of tectonic activity: these are the Amurian Plate, the Okhotck Plate and the Filipino Plate.

Being only 100 km away from Tokyo, Mt. Fuji offers an ideal alternative for sight-seeing tourists who are tired of going through the claustrophobic city of Tokyo. From the first day of July up to the last day of August, this volcano can be climbed at. If trekking up the mountains is not your thing  you can simply visit the Hakone National Park, a nearby park that boasts of numerous natural springs, which offer the most relaxing adventure of all.



Backpacking Asia – Laos

Laos is the perfect backpacking destination if you are looking for unspoiled natural and relaxing natural landscapes. This is the place to go if you dig authentic village life. Laos is simply laid back and is one destination that is not competing with the fast changing civilization of its neighbors, Vietnam and Thailand.

Vientiane Laos


There are many places to go and see in Laos and one of them is Vientiane, the country’s French influenced capital that boasts of sleepy streets, quaint shops and welcoming locals that go about their daily slow and peaceful lives.

Luang Prabang

Go north and you will be treated with Luang Prabang, the picturesque little town with twinkling temples, colorful markets and sparkling streets. This is very ideal for relaxation and some fun. Some great treats you can enjoy here includes; chocolate pancakes, bananas and homemade baguettes.

Luang Nam Tha

From Luang Prabang you can start trekking your way to Luang Nam Tha and experience the amazing Laos outdoors. From this Northern Province you can see great jungle sceneries and the stunning beauty of the mountains. There are hill tribes along the way and this provides good highlights to your backpacking trip.

Vang Vieng

Your Laos backpacking trip will not be complete without a visit to the once sleepy town by the riverside, Vang Vieng. This is the place where the famous Tubing activity happens and the main reason why backpackers flock this town. Among activities you can do here include; rafting, rock climbing, and kayaking.

While in Laos, do not forget to try their local beer. It is best sipped from the cool bottle while watching the sun is setting down in the capital.



A Temple Carved into the Mountain in India

In neighborhoods of the city of Ellora in India, there are a number of temples and caves completely carved into the side of a mountain belonging to different periods and religious groups and remain as an impressive example of architecture troglodyte. The most impressive temple is Kailassa, considered the world’s largest sculpture carved from a single stone.

Just to “emerge” Kailassa Temple ( Kailash), some 200,000 tons of stone were removed, carving chisels, which delayed the finish of the work for a century.

The religious complex dedicated to Shiva, a Hindu god, includes a sanctuary with interior rooms also carved into a mountainside, and symbolizing Mount Kailasa, the abode of Lord Shiva in the Himalayas.

The construction techniques are derived from other temples without end in the environment. According to research, the techniques used were terracing blocks from above, while the rocks removed, were probably sold in order to afford the work.

The construction method is very reminiscent of cities like Petra in Jordan, excavated and carved in stone.



Phanom Rung: The Shrine of Hindu Deities

Thailand has always been a destination for all those who seek the enigmatic remains of ancient temples and magnificent statues of Buddha. If you want to explore one of the most impressive temple complexes, then you must head north of the country to see the impressive Phanom Rung.

The Khmer temple was built between the tenth and thirteenth centuries. According to legend, the building of the monument took place during the reign of Suriyavarman II. The magnificent architecture sits on an extinct volcano.

While it is not easy to get to Phanom Rung, it will be worth the effort. The journey is long if you are staying in Bangkok—as buses and trains leaving from the capital to Khorat, take four to five hours. From this point, you have to make a connection to Surin. Once in path, a stop at Ban Ta Ko is needed after a two-hour travel. This is where you have to wait for motorcycle taxis that covers the route to the resort.

The problem here is not the 12 miles to go, but the driver’s pricing. Do not let them charge you more than 50 baht. If you do not have much money and prefer to make a trip more adventurous, then you should stand in the road and decide to hitchhike. The Thais are very friendly and the cars stop easily. Try to reach Phanom Rung around 10 a.m. ,as the climate at this time is fresh and there are few tourists around.

Reach Phanom Rung and you can find the huge temple in the midst of surrounding countryside. Get ready for a long walk through the steps to the main entrance where you will find numerous galleries and rooms, pools of purification, and the only wooden bridge left in the Naga country. This bridge of Hindu mythological figures represent the aquatic spirits and semi-divine beings. It is said that they are the guardians of the place.


Istanbul, Turkey – The City Built on Two Continents

Let me tell you a story. A tale of one of the most beautiful places on planet earth. One day, Zeus fell in love with Io, a nymph, and that  provoked the wrath of Hera, his wife. The irked Hera  turned Io into a cow and launched a gadfly in pursuit. To avoid the bite of the gadfly, Io jumped into the waters of the Bosphorus, which also means “cow crossing”. Today, along the shores of the strait stands a new city that was born then. Along 32 km in length and 660 to 3000 m in width this charming piece of land called Istanbul.

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