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Patagonia: Wine-therapy in Argentinta

A decade ago, a group of adventurers discovered a corner to cultivate fertile grape-vine in Patagonia, San Patricio del Chanar, launching into quality wine production, Black: Merlot, Cabernet and Pinot. To convince yourself just go to Bodega del Fin del Mundo or Enoteca Valle Perdido. Besides tasting, visitors can stay in the 18 rooms available and can avail of the spa that specializes in treatments based on grapes.

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The Most Popular Crafts of Argentina



If you are traveling in Argentina and want to take some memories back home, there are certain craft items that you should keep in mind because they mostly represents the country.

– Mates: come in all colors, sizes and materials. Mate is an infusion feature Argentina, and is therefore also one of the most typical handicrafts.

– Football Shirts: The national sport. One of the best things you can give to someone is the official shirt of one of the major football teams in the world – the blue and white National Team jersey.

– Leather clothing: Argentina is one of the leading exporters of authentic, high quality leather clothing. However, prices are not always cheap (though most agree that businesses pay in installments with major credit cards ). If you’re on a budget, you can choose accessories like key chains or belts, which are also made of best leather craft.

– Food: Canned vinegar, spices and homemade sweets are characteristic of each region and are among the most sought handicrafts in the country. Also, foods such as dulce de leche and yerba mate are also required by visitors.

– Musical Instruments: If you travel through northwest Argentina you will find plenty of flutes, reed pipes, and other instruments like sikus craft, gift ideal for carrying and remembering the sweet sounds of regional music.

– Other: Of course, you will find thumbnails of the Obelisk, postcards, prints, paintings, sculptures, textiles and many other crafts typical of Argentina. It all depends on your taste.

The best place to buy these and other crafts is the Florida Street in Buenos Aires. Florida Street is a downtown street where any means of payment such as credit cards, checks, or cash (local or foreign currency in most cases) are accepted. As much as they offer discounts, do not buy from street vendors in the city, because they are illegal and result in unfair competition for retailers.

Elsewhere in the country, it is best to go to a craft fair but, yes, you can only pay cash because the positions of the fairs do not accept cards (credit or debit).



Where to Visit in Cardiff



The Welsh capital has been enjoying a Renaissance in recent years. Cardiff is described as a ‘gem’, and can easily be compared to other exotic destinations such as the Azores in Portugal and Patagonia in Argentina. If you’re planning on adding the city to your personal list of destinations, then here is how to get the most from your visit.

Cardiff Castle

Cardiff is known more for its cultural scene and upbeat nightlife than it is for its history. But Cardiff Castle will give you a sense of the city’s historical development. Built 2000 years ago by the Romans, it has been added to and developed by everybody from William the Conqueror to the Victorians, and now has a fun-packed calendar of events and historical reconstructions suitable for all ages.

The National Museum of Wales

Cardiff’s thriving cultural scene helped win the city its National Geographic accolade. Immerse yourself in Welsh culture at the National Museum of Wales, which has an extensive natural history exhibit as well as visiting works of art that have included pieces by Raphael and Leonardo Da Vinci. Great for both kids and adults, this highly interactive museum houses one of the most comprehensive collections of art in the country.

Cardiff Bay Waterfront

From the historical to the supremely modern – Cardiff Bay is Europe’s largest waterfront development and boasts everything from theme park-style attractions to a plethora of fantastic restaurants. Take a boat trip across the bay to the coastal town of Penarth to escape the hustle and bustle of the inner city.







The Ice Sheets in the Andes Mountain


Snow can take capricious forms called “penitents”. Penitents are pinnacles of snow formations that are found in high mountain areas. This phenomenon occurs more frequently in mountain areas of Argentina and Chile over the Andes, and has more to do with the effect of sunlight with the wind.

Penitents are shaped and hardened thin sheets of ice or snow which have a marked orientation by sunlight. Some penitents can reach 5 meters in height, being a hindrance, and sometimes, very annoying for mountain climbers and hikers.

Elaborating on its formation, the sun’s rays cause random dimples on the surface of the snow. Once a dimple is formed, sunlight can be reflected in the dimple, increasing the localized sublimation. This process continues until depressions are formed, leaving in place the peaks of ice.

If ever we are going through a high mountain area, it is likely to find this kind of ice in the most imposing peaks of the Andes.

Backpacking Destinations

A Snowy Vacaton in Cerro Catedral

The Cerro Catedral station is located 19 km from Bariloche, Argentina. Its 53 tracks, of varying degrees of difficulty, extends through 600 hectares of skiable terrain. The highest track lies 2,000 meters above the sea level. The station has areas to practice snowboard, freestyle, crosscountry, sledge, paragliding, trekking and mountain biking. They also have an innovative system for manufacturing snow  to cover up to 10 hectares.

At the base of the mountain offers doctor’s office, equipment rentala, kids club, ski school, shopping centre, discotheque, restaurants, and bars.  With 40 means elevation to the tip, up to 35 thousand visitors can move per hour. You can contact cerro-catedral.com.ar for more information.


Where to stay?

Pire-Hue Lodge. Nestled at the base of the Hill, it has double rooms and apartments, some with full kitchen, several bedrooms, study and dining room. It has two restaurants, library, gym and spa.

Charming Luxury Lodge. On the shores of Nahuel Huapi Lake, the hotel is 7 kilometres from the Centre of Bariloche and just 12 of Cerro Catedral. He has wood floors, fireplaces, a simple and elegant furniture, its suites and residences are of different sizes.