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Visit Plymouth Rock at Massachusetts –The Legendary Tourist Destination

Plymouth Rock located in Massachusetts, US state in New England, the northeastern region of U.S.A. It is also one of the most visited and most famous rock in America.  This famous rock is placed in the smallest park in the state of Massachusetts known as “Pilgrim-Memorial-State-Park”. Every year over million people from all parts of world visit this place to see this legendary Rock.


History of Plymouth Rock

As per the legend, the pilgrims landed on the rock which is famously known as Plymouth Rock. In the year 1620 they came to the place and settled permanently in the Plymouth region, Massachusetts. But, don’t expect a huge rock because you will get disappointed as the rock is very small in size but it is a significant representation in American-history.  The evidence of Pilgrims landed on the rock was founded after 121 years. It was customarily identified and memorialized on coast of Plymouth-Harbor in the region of Plymouth, Massachusetts.


Plymouth Rock – An American symbol

Plymouth is a symbol of courageous discovery, American icon, and also freedom of principle and liberty. It is a granite stone may be a kind of formation called as Dedham granite, it is formed before 1620 period, may be a millions of years ago.  There are many significant facts are told about the rock, actually according to geologists this kind of rock is found in African Continent but surprisingly Plymouth is found in totally different continent.

The portion of rock was destroyed by nature and humans did even worse by chipping the rock for patriotic-souvenirs. Currently, the rock is well protected. The government took stands to protect the legendary rock, now it is protected by a colossal enclosure, it was designed by Mead, Mckim & White and it was built-in-the-year 1921.

Visit this awesome place, you can enjoy and explore the city and other parts of the country and also learn more about American History at the same time.



The Beach of the Stars

In the area of Boca del Drago, in the Colon Island, northeast of Panama, is a beach idyllic as many who find the Caribbean, but adds a special feature in its calm, clear waters, are abundant sea stars, visible from the coast:

The Colon is the main island of the archipelago of Bocas del Toro, and is only accessible by plane or by ferry from the city of Columbus. The beauty of the place, partly due to isolation and small population, is the main attraction. The Beach of the stars is just one example, with its dozens (or hundreds) of sea stars so close to the shore and in perfect harmony with the tranquility of the landscape. To reach the beach, you have to make a small journey on foot or by boat from the town of Boca del Drago.

There are many tourist attractions and a rustic hotel infrastructure, mainly in the city of Boca del Toro. Ideal for those seeking tranquility, Boca del Toro does not have a varied range of tourism. The main offer is simply a lot of natural beauty.


A Forest Out of Scale in Canada

MacMillan Provincial Park is located in British Columbia, Canada. Take shelter in trees over 800 years old, and some of them, up to 9 meters in circumference and 75 meters high, so a walk in its paths, we move through a forest of out of scale gigantic trees .
The forest is a true marvel, not only for its size, but also by being saved from the ravages of the timber industry through the efforts of conservationists. The forest area is also known as Cathedral Grove, a name that refers to the similarity of the foliage and the massive logs, with the columns and the structure of a cathedral.

The giant trees, light to filter through, leave the impression of finding within the nave of a church, providing a unique feeling that through the photos, only intended to illustrate but according to experts, it is difficult to describe.

For Cathedral Forest Grove, it is not copies of Sequoia, but not a very common species of Douglas Fir. Douglas Fir is a conifer endemic to North America. The protected area of MacMillan is a remnant of an extensive forest decimated by industrial logging.

According to the expert and biologist Al Carder, what we see today in the forest, while impressive, the fact remains that the old forest of Douglas Fir. More than 122 meters were removed in past decades in areas like the Fraser Valley to disappear completely. Still, Cathedral Grove remains a readily accessible place on the northwest coast of Canada, where you can get an idea of this magnificent natural heritage a local group was able to protect and preserve.


A Turquoise Bay, Virgin Islands

Within the National Park Virgin Islands is one of the best beaches in the Caribbean, and is one of the most visited natural places by tourists from all over the world. The white sand beaches are surrounded by dense vegetation; and the enclosing bays are lapped up by a turquoise and intense sea. Trunk Bay, as it is called, is on the island of St. John and tourists are allowed controlled access from inside a National Park, for a fee of $4.

In fact, inside the park there are numerous similar bays, but none as beautiful as Trunk Bay.