Surfing the world – few places to go surfing


If you are one of the younger tourist, or even younger in spirit, and looking for an adventure and a bit of the extreme, or if you just want to try surfing, you should pick a good destination for trying it. Here are some destinations that are amongst the most visited places by surfing enthusiasts:

Canary Islands are near Moroccan land in the Atlantic Ocean, it is one of the most favorite region for surfing, and it has the two islands of Lanzarote and Fuertaventura which are like world surfing centers. Lanzarote offers can offer many adventures, can be visited with family, because there are many splendid beaches and the water is clear and blue. The other island can be more adventurous and can be good for more experienced surfers. The islands also offer many bars and restaurants to chill and relax. Surfing time is from October to March, for beginners and smaller waves visit in April till August.

Hawaii, is the most important center for American surfers, it offer huge waves and great wipeouts, and Oahu is most famous in the state. Beginners can come from March to May, while from November to February this region is mostly visited by experienced surfers.

– One of the world’s greatest surfing destinations to visit is Australia. Surfing in Australia is one of the favorite sports; it is a part of their culture and their everyday life. There are any coastal cities along the coast of the Pacific Ocean, this is a wonderful place not only for surfers but also for swimmers, fishermen etc. The west coast of Australia offers its beaches whole year round, there is difference in wave size during the periods of the year, but there are always some to be surfed upon. There is something for everyone here so visit with family is good option too.

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