Summer travel: Reykjavik, Iceland

Why you’ll love

Summer in Iceland means more hours to reveal its scenic wonders. “There are very few hours of darkness,” says travel agent Tor Jensen, of Jensen World Travel. You can walk in and see active geysers in Reykjavik, Gullfoss waterfall and go to the Blue Lagoon, a natural geothermal spa. If you go in August, you can catch a flight to see the puffins leave the nest.

Why is a good plan

You can get a Scandinavian experience for much less than you would pay to travel to Norway or Sweden, as Iceland is much closer to the United States. There are more non-stop flights to Iceland, reducing tariffs, and because of the 2008 banking crisis in Iceland. Krona lost over half its value against the dollar (one dollar equals to 180 kronas) and you can take more of your money.

Where to stay

The hotel Room With a View (, with a starting price of $ 94 per night for a studio in summer) are in the center, near museums and popular restaurants like Fish Company.

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