Spending Less on a Miami Trip


For those who want to start the summer on the beach, there is no better place than the resorts and spas in Miami. Cuban food  is a good alternative to traditional roast weekend.

Despite the many expensive offerings, it is still possible to travel to Miami on a budget. Some of the finest hotels are in the South Beach neighboring the city, but prices drop considerably for those willing to stay a little further. Travelocity senior editor, Courtney Scott, recommends the Doral Resort in Miami, where fares are just $106 per night for the weekend.

And if you’re looking for airline tickets, do not limit your search for flights to the airport nearest local Miami. Consider flying into Fort Lauderdale or West Palm Beach instead. A flight from JFK to Miami can cost $584 per person, but landing at Fort Lauderdale to 43 miles away, costs only $429, according to a recent search on Travelocity. That’s over $600 in savings for a family of four.



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