Some Thoughts On Election

The best method of demonstrating your true patriotism in your country is by voting in any election that comes up. Failure to vote is giving other individuals a chance to decide how your life will be run. A real patriot goes the extra step of taking responsibility of his/her life; this starts through the realisation that you hold the power to influence election results through your vote. Casting a vote goes a great deal in deciding how a country is run through the collective vote of the people. Anyone who has chance of influencing the governance of his/her country ought to grab it with both hands bearing in mind, some individual may yearn for such a right and they can’t get it.

Voting may take place in any kind of election such as senatorial election or local elections. The ability to vote in an election remains as one of the more cherished and valued constitutional rights enjoyed by people. A person gives up his right to influence the governance of his/her country by not voting. Election results are a reflection of qualified majority rule; an election conducted through voting is fair as the country is governed according to the preference of most of the citizens. Election results are published by the election commission after counting the votes.

and if we expand from there..

Some countries experience a low voter turnout meaning voting in an election is conducted by a limited number of people. Election results based on such votes don’t reflect the real wishes of the people. Apparently, an election is made on the basis of one person one vote. Many people may think that their vote cannot change much. If every person felt that his/her vote doesn’t count, would voting take place? Every person’s vote is of substantial importance and has a major impact on the overall election results. Undermining the power of your vote in an election should be outside of the question.

But, What About?

Many individuals may overlook the significance of voting. In any election, whether you participate or not, election results will be derived from the number of votes available. Some people feel that for any particular post all the candidates are the same; why bother voting then? Anyone with such an attitude ought to know that the election results will have an effect in his/her life as well as in the lives of his/her children. Why jeopardize your welfare and the welfare of your descendants by ignoring your right of influencing the future? Your vote is very important; in the story of the parliamentary elections in several parts of the world, the power of one vote has been well manifested. A single vote can draw a line joining the winner and the loser.

If I was a worldly person and voted I would vote for Ron Paul. He is clearly the lessor of evils. However I won’t vote because I won’t vote for anything less than the Truth and the Light.

Peer influence from friends may result to a decline in voting among people and some people may even fail to register as voters. Some individuals hold a viewpoint that what’s going on in the parliament for instance doesn’t affect them; thus the loss of concern in an election. Why base such an important decision as voting on the views of people? After the election results are announced and new leaders occupy the office, all decisions made by such leaders may affect your life. At this point nothing can be achieved as the only power possessed by a person lies in his/ her vote; this power ought not to be compromised whatsoever.

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