Skiing Down Under: How snow-clad Australian slopes try to win back tourists

If you are an Australian and love to spend time skiing on the snow-clad slopes in the winter, then 2012 season is indeed a golden time for a variety of reasons. And if you are visiting the land Down Under on one of those wonderful tours in Australia, then you can probably spend a bit of time on the snowy slopes as well.

Skiing as an industry has put up a collective and aggressive effort to do all it can, in the last couple of years, to ensure that more and more skiers are attracted to spend time on the Aussie slopes, instead of going elsewhere.

The last few years saw Australian skiers spend much of their time on slopes of New Zealand with a skiing holiday across Tasmania being considered a wonderful way to spend some quality time with your loved ones.

With the American Dollar taking a hit, many skiers and even casual tourists decided to give the famous slopes across US and Canada a try as well in the past two years and this has seen the domestic skiing industry take a bigger hit. But the new aggressive venture from ’Snow Australia’ is doing all it can to buckle and reverse this trend.

For starters it is highlighting the fact that on average a skiing holiday in Australia will cost those in the country around $954 when compared to $2082 in New Zealand and $4851 in the northern hemisphere. Add to this the many discounts that skiing resorts are offering along with special packages and Australians are being tempted to stay back home.

The safety of the Australian slopes along with superior quality and facilities when compared to those in New Zealand mean that the latest winter Down Under is great news for every skiing enthusiast from across the globe.

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