Scotland – home of the single malt whisky


Scotland is at the northern part of the United Kingdom, it is a country rich in history and many things to symbolize it, but what comes first in mind is the pipes, the kilt and the whiskey. The name whiskey was firstly used when it was actually used for its medical qualities, such as relief of some diseases like colic or others, it was said that it prolongs life and keeps better health. Gradually it became an important part of the life of Scots, as it provides warmth during cold winters; it is consumed during social events and gatherings and it is served to guests.

Whisky distilleries are located where the environment offers the greatest quality of all the ingredients, such as pure spring waters and flawless golden barley in required quantities. Strathspey is the region near the River Spey and it is one of the crucial places of the Scotch whisky production, the whiskies produced here are known as the Speyside single malts, there is a tour organized here that visits most of the popular distilleries including two of the most popular whiskies.


Islay is an island in the southern part of Scotland, it is one of the five protected by law whisky producing regions in Scotland. Many tourists visit this island during the summer, beautiful scenery and many famous whiskies are main attractions. There are whisky trips on the island that are four days long, and include visiting and tasting whisky, learning about the history and the culture, understanding the ethics of drinking whisky, some tours offer simulation of the process of making the whisky. There are many local pubs and restaurants where you can taste the splendid whiskies of Scotland. There are many gifts and souvenirs shops, where you can buy small tasting sets of whisky, aged special editions, glasses and many other accessories.

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