Sapo National Park Republic of Liberia

Liberia is a country known to have a large rainforest in Africa. One such protected area with the rainforest in Liberia is Sapo National Park. The park derived its name from the locals who live around it called the Sapo. The park is located in the upper area of the Guinea forest with the second largest rainforest in West Africa. The park is known to have the highest number of mammal species in the world.


History of Sapo national park

The park came into existence in the 1977 when the forestry department of Liberia was set up to establish protected areas. The authority set out seven key forested areas with the Sapo national park being among them. The park is managed by the various stakeholders like the world wildlife fund and the Peace Corps. They have managed to minimize the conflict of human and wildlife hence protecting all the indigenous plants and animals.


The Biodiversity of Sapo national park

The Sapo national park is a habitat for many plants and animals in Liberia. The park has one of the largest rainforest in West Africa which has millions of plants and flower species. The park also has the largest population of the pygmy hippos in Liberia. The park has over 150 species of mammals and over 600 types of birds. The park is also home for the endangered elephants of African forests.

The Sapo national park offers the best choice to see the highest variety of mammals in West Africa and have a great view of birds in their natural habitat. It would definitely be the choice for individuals doing fauna and flora research of the West Africa rainforest.


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